Men's Sailor

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    Authentic sailor jackets for men made in Brittany

    "The term "sailor shirt" historically designated the sailor's jacket, made of wool or linen, sometimes made of an old sail. Then, by metonymy, the word "sailor shirt" began to designate the striped body knit, placed just below the said jacket. Today, in the ready-to-wear industry, the word "sailor shirt" is sometimes also used to designate striped navy sweaters. But here, it is indeed this cotton t-shirt, so Breton, that we want to talk about.

    The Breton marinière continues to be a symbol of French elegance even today, all over the world. This ancient undergarment has become a wardrobe staple since Coco Chanel decided to bring it back into the spotlight in the 1920s. Since then, its success has never been denied: sailors are timeless clothes.

    But, paradoxically, marinières, a typically French garment, are still rarely made in France. At Le Minor, they are entirely made in Brittany, from a cotton thread itself made in France..."