Women's Marine Sweater

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    "The Le Minor sailor sweater has hardly changed since it was worn by the Newfoundlanders in 1922. It is particularly recognizable by its "hand" whose recipe is based on two ingredients: a generous amount of wool first, and a tight knit stitch second.

    This ensures the "armor", the protection against the cold, as well as a beautiful fall. All the models in this collection of sweaters are made of 100% natural materials: virgin wool, for its dry and traditional touch, or merino wool, softer. As for all the clothes of the brand Le Minor, every step of the creation of the garment is done between the 4 walls of the workshops of Guidel and Quimper.

    In addition to the knitting of each piece of clothing in the form of independent panels, steaming - an essential step in the manufacture of sweaters, which serves to soften the knit and straighten the panels "fallen from the loom" and their stripes - is a preparation step in which a very sensory know-how is expressed, transmitted to the post by oral tradition. Before the demanding assembly - which will ensure neatness and solidity - the manual cutting will allow to apprehend the stitch and to shape it: to cut the necklines, to round the heads of sleeves... the waste of production is recovered to be revalorized in insulators... and soon in knitting yarn.

    It is the sum of these skills, of these fine and delicate manipulations - like the re-cutting of some of Le Minor's collars - and of the final, uncompromising quality control, that gives Le Minor's knits their value.
    A very sensory quality of knitwear, which connoisseurs taste the difference at first contact."