6 look ideas for a masculine navy sweater

The sailor sweater is one of the pieces of the men's wardrobe with the most character. Coming from the maritime world, it has imposed itself in the men's wardrobe as a real basic timeless and timeless. In fact, the navy sweater fits in many men's looks. Let's see together how to associate this trendy knit sweater:

1. How to integrate a navy sweater into a man's look?

The fact that the ready-to-wear is very rich and that the navy sweater is versatile makes us ask a question: in which male look to associate it? Well, in all of them! Warm under a coat, casual with sneakers or original with a kilt, this garment for men is at ease in all styles.

It goes very well with a chino for example. These pants, also from the professional world, easily adapt to several styles, like the navy sweater. Chosen in beige, it accompanies a navy blue sweater with white stripes. Thus, we get a basic outfit that can add stronger pieces later. The ready-to-wear offers several variations of this famous chino so do not hesitate to look for more worked models to make an outfit with even more character!

With its dense knit, it becomes your perfect ally to brave the bad weather of fall-winter. Creating silhouettes is child's play. Combined with warm clothes, it reveals all its potential. And if the mid-season is milder, a simple jacket over it and it's done. Without a doubt one of the warmest men's sweaters in your wardrobe.

But this knit sweater can also be worn during spring and even summer! The question then arises: how to wear a knitted sweater in the summer? And the first idea is to turn to a short. We choose light models to create sets in a successful casual spirit. You are not too short? Do not worry! The navy sweaters can also be worn with another timeless of the male wardrobe: the jeans. No matter what shade of denim, the navy sweater will always be a good option.

The navy sweater is a piece with a history and a very beautiful manufacture. To learn more, we invite you to browse the "Know-How" section of our site or to discover the new collection!

2. Build a sailor look without looking disguised

When we talk about French style for men, we quickly imagine the sailor suit, the beret, the scarf tied around the neck and the baguette under the arm. What a mistake! Indeed, this cliché about France is tenacious but, above all, very far from reality. The French style is above all the art of dressing well, playing with fashion trends. It is to use the entirety of its dressing room, from the jacket to the pants while passing by the blazers and other clothing and accessories in order to create comfortable, basic outfits and of a crazy elegance. Here's a quick look at how to build an elegant French look without feeling like you're dressed up.

The pea coat. The sailor jacket. The oilskin. But also the boat shoes, the watch cap (with its particular knitting) and obviously the sailor sweater. All these pieces have the wind in their sails lately, pushed by the latest trends. In recent years, the men's wardrobe is reappropriating clothes mainly from the world of work. And the reason is simple: the modern man only wants clothes that are durable, solid and with character.

This change in mentality is accompanied by a desire to dress Made in France. Not because of chauvinism (not only), but also because we know that our country has the most beautiful textile know-how. This leads us to have fun with this fashion, to develop a complete wardrobe of character pieces, to play with certain codes. For example, we will create an outfit with a navy blue sweater with white stripes, a Navy coat and a watch cap. We add to the outfit a white jean and the wink to the navy is total and clearly not ridiculous.

But the French style is also a certain nonchalance. The men's wardrobe has several pieces that fulfill this role and can be associated with the navy sweater. We think of the classic navy blue blazer but also the traditional white shirt or the suit pants. Men's outfits are numerous and every occasion can become a moment to develop this particular style. Men's dress codes are evolving, so gentlemen evolve with them!

3. How to adopt a streetwear look with a navy sweater?

Streetwear appeared in the 80s in the United States, originally worn by the hip-hop culture as a symbol of resistance in a divided America, then taken over by some American gangs, it will take barely 20 years before it becomes one of the most influential styles in the fashion world. It frees itself from geographical and cultural borders to flood urban life in the broadest sense.

A real movement in perpetual effervescence, it is no longer rare to see luxury brands making collaborations with streetwear labels. And since the latter is no longer limited to extra large outfits, it is no longer complicated to associate your navy sweater with your streetwear look.

The world of hip-hop is also changing. The codes are changing and with them the style of its protagonists. It's no longer time for tracksuits but for a rich and elaborate ready-to-wear. The hoodie is now accompanied by a zipped sweater, the pants are tighter than before, etc.. The most obvious example is undoubtedly the rapper Orelsan, who made a collaboration with Saint James and his brand Avnier. Among the capsule collection there was... a navy sweater!

But streetwear does not stop at rap. The skateboard movement is also in full mutation as the surfing one. Being based in Guidel in Brittany, it would not be surprising to see a surfer getting out of the water and putting on one of our marine sweaters! The surfer's casual wardrobe is now more related to traditional men's wear. Camouflage parka, mottled sweater or t-shirt with patch or customization, men's clothing (and men's fashion in general) have never been so inspired by streetwear. Men's jeans are a little wider than a few years ago, like skateboarders' jeans 30 years ago. And the mythical sneakers with original colors are reissued. As if fashion is an eternal restart!

4. American workwear is good, but do you know French workwear?

There's no doubt about it, workwear was invented in the United States. Regrouping the professional clothes of the 19th and 20th centuries, it is the work suit, the army chino, the work pants and the raw jeans. But alongside the iconic American workwear, there is also French workwear. Worn by certain pieces, it is starting to make more and more emulators. Of course, the French workwear look is ideal with a navy sweater. Quick little tour of a very particular style.

If the navy sweater is an integral part of French workwear, its figurehead is none other than the coltin jacket, or work jacket. The basic garment of the French workwear of the 19th century, it has crossed the centuries to end up in the current male wardrobe. Revisited, curved and transformed, it remains a comfortable jacket of choice for all occasions. What's more, it goes particularly well with a navy sweater. It has even become reversible to multiply the pleasures!

But more than a protective gear for men that would have crossed the ages, the coltin jacket has become unisex. As well as almost all the French workwear wardrobe: the work pants or the cotte (a kind of pants with suspenders) are revisited for example with a stretch belt to adapt to all morphologies. To go further in the French workwear style, we invite you to get the third issue of the magazine Avant, directed by Eric Maggiori, collector of workwear pieces.

5. The navy sweater, the preserve of dandies

When we talk about casual chic, we usually mention the distinguished look of dandies. Far from the hipster style, this masculine style is the prerogative of the dressed gentleman, with a sophisticated dressing. Among the French celebrities who have worn it wonderfully, Serge Gainsbourg has been its most faithful defender. And of course, it is not exclusively intended to be worn at an event. Let's see the clothes and accessories of the perfect dandy.

Let's pick from this wardrobe a suit jacket. It will be navy blue, made of soft and supple wool, with generous peak lapels. The sweater, to contrast, is unbleached and plain. Obviously, its collar does not allow a bow tie, but it is possible to have an accessory like a cane or a hat. Under the sweater, we slip a beautiful white shirt with a classic collar and a pair of suspenders. The latter are attached to a pair of gray pants with clips. On the feet, a pair of basic moccasins will be more than enough.

If you are not quite comfortable with the total dandy look, it is possible to modify some pieces to continue to achieve casual chic. Just look for elegant pants, even jeans (be careful to choose them very sober) and jackets other than those of suits to make chic and elegant sets. Also think about coats, many for men, which can really weigh in the balance of the casual chic style.

6. I wear my navy sweater for special occasions

With the blurring of the boundaries of formality, dressing smartly for men isn't as strict as it once was. Developed over decades of practice, the men's wardrobe has many pieces that can be mixed and matched. It is now possible to see the suit jacket, considered a dressy piece, accompany more casual clothes of ready-to-wear. Some rules are to be followed in order not to do anything. Mix the pieces and the universe but remain chic and elegant with your navy sweater without necessarily taking out the total Gastby look.

And the best example to illustrate this is the outfit that we choose for a wedding. The first set we propose includes a jacket and suit pants. Both are navy blue and dressed with nice details like double darts for the pants or lapels for the jacket. Among the numerous marine sweaters which exist, we select one with a plain and navy blue knit. Under this one we pick in our most beautiful shirts a light white or light blue model. We opt for a pair of discreet moccasins and accessorize the outfit with a clutch in the chest pocket of the jacket. A very chic and elegant outfit for men.

As said above, the men's ready-to-wear has many pieces evolving in a chic register. Surprisingly, some of these pieces were not originally designed to evolve in an elegant universe. This is the case of the chino pants! Nevertheless, the latter is a great ally when it comes to making some of our outfits elegant.

They are also the best pants when it comes to making an office outfit with a perfect casual / dressy balance. Paired with a plain navy blue sweater with white stripes and a plain navy blazer, the chino can be given a very light print to give the ensemble some relief. Its cut is slim to accentuate the elegant side of the set. As comfortable in mid-season as in the middle of winter, it is an important asset in a wardrobe.