Women's sailor shirts

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    Discover or rediscover our authentic Le Minor women's sailor shirts, which have always been made in our Brittany workshops. Both chic and timeless, our 100% Made in France sailors are timeless pieces that you must have in your wardrobe.

    It is difficult to make more French! The marinière is a symbol of timeless elegance, French style. In addition (and this is paradoxically rare) it is entirely made in Brittany: the fabric is knitted in our workshops in Guidel, then entirely made on site. When we talk about made in France, we can hardly do more integrated than at Le Minor.
    All the steps of the making of this sailor's jacket have been realized in our workshops

    • knitting of the fabric ;
    • cutting the garment into shape
    • sewing.

    The spinning and dyeing of the cotton are carried out in the Vosges and the Pyrénées respectively. Only one step in the transformation of the yarn into the garment is not carried out in our workshops: the stabilization of the fabric, otherwise known as "calendering," which is done in a partner workshop in Troyes or Roanne.