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    The cardigan is a must-have knit in the Le Minor collections, in a feminine, summery shape. It will be available in 8 different colours. The cardigan is knitted from an extra-soft merino wool, perfect for mid-season and summer evenings. It's made from an ultra-fine, lightweight fibre knitted in our in-house workshops in Guidel.

    The open sleeves, with their delicate slits, offer elegance and comfort, as does the topstitching on the shoulders, which emphasises the cuffs. They add femininity to the final look of the garment, which can be assimilated into any style.

    As with all our garments, each stage of the knitting process is carried out with the utmost care in our Breton workshops in Guidel, particularly the "remaillage", which consists of manually assembling the collar and body of the waistcoat using a circular machine with over 200 punches.