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    Our hosiery company has been making the true sailor sweater since 1922. These sailor sweaters for men were originally designed for Breton fishermen. The recipe for these warm, sturdy sailor sweaters has not changed in nearly 100 years. Tight knitting and traditional tailoring ensure that Le Minor's nautical sweaters have a unique hand and a longevity that is no longer made.

    For several collections we have also presented exclusive Scandinavian-inspired round or turtleneck sweaters in thick, comfortable knits. Ideal for a cold winter, these sweaters are knitted in 3 threads on a jacquard base. The result is a generous, warm and comfortable knit, enhanced with a "guilloche" stitch.

    For the beautiful days, and because we like to work the stitch, we were inspired by the guilloche stitch to offer a revisit to the unique relief and chic finishes, in a thinner knit to enjoy throughout the summer.

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