The officer sweater is one of Le Minor's signature pieces. Derived from military uniforms, its technical details make it the masterpiece of a workwear look

A history of the officer's sweater, an emblematic piece with a strong workwear style


le pull des officiers : UN UNIFORME DE TRAVAIL

As always at Le Minor, the original target was sailors, but not just any sailors: those of the French Navy.
A true military sweater, we have supplied the French Navy for over 40 years.

Intended for officers, that's where this sweater got its name from. Its close-fitting cut was designed to allow sailors to move around on the ships without hindering their movements during maneuvers.
Minor knits it with virgin wool: its warm knit and tight stitch make it almost waterproof, perfect to face the bad weather.
His hand, that is to say his touch, expresses all the quality of this exceptional product.


le pull des officiers : DES DÉTAILS SUBTILS

This knitwear conceals technical details that are evidence of its primary function.
The epaulets, badge holder, pen pocket, and fireproof fabric reinforcements on the sleeves structure the sweater and remind us of its primary function as workwear in difficult conditions.

Robust by nature, its unique cut adapts to all morphologies.
Its particularity is to relax in contact with your skin. The heat emitted by the human body softens the dry wool fibers, making this large knit a real second skin.


pull des officiers : UN SAVOIR-FAIRE CENTENAIRE

The officer sweater we design at Le Minor is heir to ancestral and unique know-how that we are keen to preserve. For example, the reinforcements and elbow patches are sewn with double-needle machines, scrupulously following the ribbing of the sweater. This requires a skill that we master after several years of practice.

For a solidity, the collar of the sweater is remeshed: its stitch is reopened with a machine that has several hundred needles to reattach the collar to the body by sewing it inside the stitch. This also ensures a clean finish. This know-how that we still perpetuate at Le Minor is now reserved for the luxury industry because the execution time is important and the learning process long.
The oldest workers pass on this heritage to the younger generation in our Guiding workshop.


le pull des officiers de marine : L'AFFIRMATION DU LOOK WORKWEAR

This sweater will not leave you indifferent. With its timeless color and solid material, it perfectly embodies the workwear style, which is a practical, comfortable and resistant way of life.
The workwear style consists in appropriating the pieces of a technical wardrobe to make them casual chic. There are countless references in fashion from the world of workers or outdoor workers (sailors, lumberjacks, cowboys...): raw jeans, blue overalls, flannel shirts, cargo pants, desert boots...
Responsible, because it offers clothes designed to last, this style has its own aesthetic, based on the timelessness of these pieces.

This sweater will help you build an assertive look: pair it with blue overalls, feminize it with a pleated midi skirt or offset it with workboots.
Find the enveloping warmth of a sweater close to the body that will bring you the touch of elegance that is that of the icons of workwear, the pioneers: Amelia Eerhart, Rosie the Riveter, Amy Johnson ...
This eternal second skin of the sailor will follow you throughout your life and inscribe your story with those who answered the call of the adventure!

In February 2020, Le Minor reinvents the officer sweater with a feminine version, in a subtle greige hue and a very soft wool blend. This exclusive, limited edition model can be tried on here.

The navy officers' sweater: the elegance of a workwear knit

Le pull des officiers de marine : l'élégance d'une maille workwear