How to be modern with a duffle coat or a kabig

Among the various models of coats that the male wardrobe has, the duffle coat and the kabig occupy a place of choice. Close cousins, they are made from a thick woolen sheet lined at the shoulders and are recognizable by its imposing hood and its wooden or horn buttoning, called brandebourg. And as their origins are maritime, they make it a natural ally to the sailor sweater. Back on the history of these two modern coats and let's see how best to associate it with a navy sweater:

1. The origins of the duffle coat

A. The duffle-coat at the service of his majesty

acheter un duffle coat ou un kabig

Like many pieces of the men's wardrobe, the duffle coat originated in England. It takes its name from the duffle, a thick, black, waterproof, fluffy, boiled sheep's wool from the Belgian town of Duffel. It was in 1887 that a certain John Partridge created this long coat. A true winter coat, it was intended to be worn over another coat to stay warm. And this is precisely what the Royal Navy was looking for at the end of the 19th century, for its numerous expeditions in Antarctica.

If we see it on several pictures of soldiers of the First World War, it will however be necessary to wait for the Second to see its popularity soar. And its expansion within the British army would be due to a certain officer, Bernard Law Montgomery, a real fan of this wool coat.

B. The demilitarization of the duffle coat

The fact that it was sold at a discount in the surplus, but also its presence in the English cinema of the time, then allow the rise of the duffle coat in everyday life. It wasn't until 1951 that the warmest of wool coats made its way into many closets. At that time, Harrold and Freda Morris agreed to buy back a stock from the British Ministry of Defense.

They founded Gloverall (a contraction of glove and overalls) and the success was immediate. The couple then decided to restyle the model and produce it themselves. From then on, the duffle coat became the symbol of rebels, young people, art students and beatniks. Then some movie stars as well as great sportsmen fall in love with the coat. The attraction for this piece is so great that it even ends up being worn by members of the royal family! It also became the favorite overcoat of the most elegant men.

2. The duffle coat and the navy sweater: the beautiful pair

A. A modern and trendy overcoat

look moderne en duffle coat

For a long time considered as a man's coat a bit "chilly", the duffle-coat has known for a few years a real revival of interest. Better yet, it is even considered as an elegant and trendy woolen piece! If you choose camel, we recommend a navy sweater with navy stripes. For the pants, a few choices are available to us.
The first is to select a cotton canvas pant, straight or wide, also ecru, to create a color block outfit. On the feet, we will think of choosing sneakers in retro style. A big knitted scarf, chosen in the same colors as the rest of the outfit, will finish a silhouette with a street accent.

The other choice of pants will be a corduroy piece to give volume to the bottom of the outfit. Again, a loose fit is preferred. For the color, shades such as chocolate brown or ochre can be quite suitable.

B. A timeless basic

duffle coat : Un basique intemporel

If you are more classic, no problem! The combination of navy sweater and duffle coat also works very well. We will then choose the coat in navy blue or black and regarding the sweater, either plain or striped as long as it is navy blue. A shirt with a short collar, in a light and contrasting color will break the homogeneity of the top of the outfit. Again, for the pants, several choices are possible.

Obviously, we will think first of jeans. Raw or bleached, it does not matter, as long as its cut oscillates between straight and slim. For the shoes, we will think of a pair of canvas sneakers if the ground is not too wet or a pair of boat shoes mounted on commando soles. Besides jeans, a classic beige chino will do perfectly. Interesting little twist: choose a plain navy sweater and put on a checkered coat, to give some relief.

To get something more dressed up, it is quite possible to wear the duffle coat and the navy sweater with a flowing wool pants. You can choose it with darts (single or double) and associate it with moccasins. Dressy outfit guaranteed!