I dare to wear my navy sweater with shorts

Let's set the scene. We are in the middle of July and the weather could not be better. This complete day of farniente at the beach ends with an aperitif in the garden of a friend. If the beginning of the evening allows to stay in shorts and shirt, the late disappearance of the sun brings with it a few degrees, which leave place to a certain freshness. Comes the time to put an additional layer in order to finish this sweet evening at best. So we run to look for a sweater. Yes but which? Well a navy sweater bydi! In summer, the navy sweater and shorts are often associated, because both can be synonymous with vacations, dolce vita, and casual ensembles. Let's see how to combine them:

1. The short history of shorts

But before we talk about style, let's go back to the history of the piece. And to do this, we must look at the cousin of the shorts: the Bermuda shorts. In the nineteenth century, the British army, then in the midst of colonization, was stationed in several parts of the world, including tropical areas. Obviously, the standard uniform is clearly not adapted to local conditions. Soldiers were therefore allowed to shorten their pants, as long as they kept their jackets, ties and high socks.

This new uniform was then widely adopted in Bermuda. It is from this region that it will get its name of Bermuda. It is also used for dinners but also for night outings and at work.

In the West, it is only used for sports and quickly becomes a child's clothing. It is no longer called Bermuda shorts but short pants, is popularized by the scouts and even becomes a mandatory uniform for school, regardless of the season. Indirectly, the unregulated length of children's shorts, but also the relaxation of dress codes from the 60s, will promote the emergence of shorts for men.

Note that, despite their relative similarity, shorts and Bermuda shorts are two different pieces. Indeed, the first will have a maximum length stopping at mid-thigh. Often curved, it also exists in straight cuts. On the other hand, the Bermuda shorts arrive precisely at mid-knee or just above the knee, not to be confused with the pantacourt, which arrives at mid-calf. It often evolves in dressy outfits but also works very well in casual ensembles if it is chosen in the right material.

2. Two pieces but several possible styles

Clearly, combining a navy sweater with shorts or Bermuda shorts is very easy, if you select the right pieces. In order to understand the pieces, we will start with a first simple, effective and easily declinable set.

A. Navy sweater and cotton twill shorts

We start with a simple base: a navy sweater with white stripes. Underneath, it's up to you: a t-shirt or nothing at all! As for the shorts, we choose a light cotton twill, the fabric used to make a chino. For the color, it's simple: beige. The pair follows the same logic and is, in the choice, a pair of white canvas sneakers or boat shoes. We add to this a pair of sunglasses and the outfit is finished. A good basic for spring-summer!

B. Sailor sweater and cotton twill shorts, dressed up version

From there, we can have fun to spice up the game. We swap the shorts for a pair of Bermuda shorts, we add darts (one or two) and side adjusters on the sides. The navy sweater is still navy but can see its stripes disappear. Underneath, a very light shirt in cotton or light blue linen can be considered. We wear a pair of moccasins on our feet, and it is even possible to throw on our shoulders a blazer in fresco destructured navy blue. A dressed up set, easily modulated.

C. Casual but worked look

Obviously, the ready-to-wear market is full of all kinds of men's shorts. And for this third outfit, we focus on one model in particular: the denim shorts. We choose it then preferably in a relatively light fabric for the beautiful days and, especially, clear. The navy sweater can be worn in its standard version, so navy with white stripes but also in its unbleached shade, ideal when the weather is good! For the more chilly, you can slip underneath a t-shirt mixing cotton and linen for more comfort. On the feet, it's hard to miss the famous pair of white sneakers! For the men who do not take the head but who want to undermine.

D. The most casual summer outfit

A word of order here: relaxed! We opt for cotton shorts, plain or with prints, light and airy. The navy sweater is in its simplest version, namely plain navy blue. As a pair of shoes, it's up to you: it is possible to leave on open shoes like sandals for example but also to opt for espadrilles. And nothing else! A very casual set that will make you want to leave your jeans in the closet.