<< Je porte le pull marin à la française

I'm wearing the French navy sweater

When we talk about French elegance, we quickly imagine a beret, a baguette stuck under the arm and a sailor suit. Unfortunately, these clichés are far from reality! In fact, French style is one of the latest trends, for both men and women. This interest is not only a national movement since it is not limited to France. Today, we show you how to dress French style:

1. What is the French style?

pull marin : l'élégance à la française

It's one of the most followed fashion trends and yet it's sometimes quite complicated to define it without falling into a grotesque cliché. Simply put, French style is a mix of a little bit of everything: a little bit of original English chic, a dash of Italian nonchalance, a touch of elegance and a pinch of sobriety. The whole is then raised by a masculinity without exacerbated virility. The French style is to dress without cheating or faking the silhouette. In short, a discreet, classic, elegant and comfortable chic.

Of course, some celebrities embody (or used to embody) this French style: Édouard Baer, Pierre Niney, Frédéric Beigbeder, Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Paul Belmondo or Louis Garrel, Antoine De Caunes and Jonathan Cohen. What you should keep in mind is that the French style skillfully mixes well-made classics with strong pieces, all worn with simplicity and casualness. A style that can be adapted to any occasion.

2. French style in practice

look à la française

Let's move on to the different outfits that can be done in a French style and with a navy sweater. As this style is rather broad and this piece is really easy to integrate into an ensemble, the possibilities are multiple! So we propose you some of them, to you thereafter to modify them to your liking.

For this first outfit, we opt for a navy blue sweater with white stripes. We associate it with a very slightly washed slim jeans to create a contrast. To the feet, we select a pair of boots with eight eyelets and commando sole in chocolate brown nubuck leather. Finally, we add a beautiful navy blue coat (Made in France preferably) and a charcoal gray cap. You get a modern outfit for men of the most comfortable.

As the ready-to-wear market is full of basic men's clothes and accessories ideal for the French style, let's go to the second outfit! This time, the starting point is a plain navy blue sweater. We slip underneath a shirt in Oxford, light blue or white. Then we make it slightly exceed the cuffs and the waist, the idea being to make falsely neglected. The top is accompanied by a black skinny jeans, itself accompanied by a pair of dark brown nubuck chelsea boots. We finish the outfit with a jacket in dark brown or black skin: a bomber or an A2 will be perfect models.

Among the pieces of the men's wardrobe that the French style particularly appreciates, the blazers occupy a place of choice. It is therefore one of them that we will select for this third look. If we can leave on a simple jacket, it is preferable to turn to a blazer a little more worked. So we opt for large lapels and golden buttons. Underneath, the navy sweater is unbleached and plain. We can associate it with a shirt but a t-shirt can amply do the trick. At the bottom, we willingly turn to a white five-pocket pants, which we associate with a pair of brown Playboy shoes. A small red bandana tied around the neck and it's done.

We dig a little more in the dressing room of these gentlemen to propose a fourth outfit. For this one, the highlight is a sober elegance. For this, we will choose all the pieces (or almost) in a single color: navy blue. The navy sweater is therefore navy blue and plain. But if you are not comfortable with the monochrome, it is possible to add white stripes. The pants are made of a fluid wool and its cut is rather loose, so that it falls on the shoes. These last are neither more nor less than white leather sneakers, with a relatively thick sole. Finally, to cover everything, we choose a long wool coat and oversize. Definitely the strong outfit of your French wardrobe!

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