Total Breton look : the waxed coat with the Breton sweater

When we think of Brittany, we often think of several things: pancakes, Gwenn ha Du and strawberries. Unfortunately, the most beautiful region of France also suffers from a bad image, that of a place where it rains all the time. If this is far from being 100% true, it must be admitted that Armorique, wedged between the Atlantic and the English Channel, is regularly subject to the whims of the weather. As a result, the Breton wardrobe is rather well supplied with rainwear and, certainly, the yellow raincoat is its standard bearer. And of course, it is one of the pieces that goes best with a navy sweater! So, dare to wear an oilskin with a navy sweater:

1. The classic version, but effective

It's a fact, the yellow raincoat is part of the Breton decor. This sailor's garment was born in the 60s thanks to Guy Cotten. He made a yellow PVC waterproof jacket with a zipper and velcro fasteners for sailors. This color is not chosen at random since it allows to spot a man falling overboard more easily.

Chosen therefore in its famous yellow color, this waterproof windbreaker with a straight cut becomes the strong piece of an outfit. Better to play it safe with the rest of the pieces and choose them in more discreet colors and cuts. To play the total Breton look, we can choose the navy sweater in its traditional color, namely navy blue with white stripes. The solid color version, but still navy blue, is also welcome!

As for the pants, we can either opt for a thick navy blue chino or a light jean. On the head, a real sailor hat will finish this Breton look. Finally, on the feet, a pair of white sneakers will do the trick. And of course, if the Breton drizzle is part of the game, a good pair of rubber boots will replace the sneakers. A casual, mid-season outfit that offers perfect waterproofing to face the bad weather.

2. Khaki is the new yellow

Clearly, the raincoat is an integral part of the male wardrobe. This timeless mid-length windbreaker, which offers great freedom of movement, belongs to the brotherhood of the most comfortable coats for men. However, if you want a more original version than the classic yellow oilcloth, it is better to turn to cuts and shades that are out of the ordinary.

And among the palette of colors that includes the male wardrobe, khaki is among the most interesting shades. The idea is also to play on the cut of the oilcloth: longer or shorter, fuller or more fitted. Underneath, the navy sweater will be chosen in an ecru color.

A pair of dark brown corduroy pants, cut in 7/8ths, will complete the outfit. For shoes, beige suede work boots with white rubber soles will complete this urban adventurer look. And as an accessory, we will have the choice between a 5 panels cap or a beanie. A casual and modern outfit, in the air of time.

3. Monochrome

Another outfit that can work very well with a raincoat and a navy sweater is to start on a set chosen in a single color. In addition to being very trendy, it allows to move away slightly from the marine side of these two pieces without denying the Breton origins of the two clothes.

We will therefore choose a navy blue oilcloth relatively long and light. For the marine sweater, it will also be navy blue, and without stripes. The pants will be wool, and of course navy blue. For shoes, it is possible to break this colorblock spirit with a pair of white sneakers.

Otherwise, a pair of black lace-up boots will do perfectly. As for accessories, we'll finish the outfit with a navy blue or charcoal gray scarf, as well as a smooth black leather clutch to store all our daily necessities. A pair of thin sunglasses can also be part of the ensemble. A sober and elegant outfit, which plays on the bi-material side.