Many of the pieces in our Mineral collection come from a sports wardrobe. Revisited and mixed with our marine DNA, these clothes reinvent the elegance dear to Le Minor to outline a French-style sportswear chic wardrobe.

The emergence of sportswear chic

L'émergence du sportswear chic

Western society adopted sportswear at the end of the 19th century. However, it retained its representation dress codes. The clothes used for sports are those of everyday life and are therefore not very suitable.

It is then necessary to wait for the beginning of the XXth century so that an awareness takes place. It was in the 1920s, when sports leisure activities were developing, that clothes that were different from street clothes were created. René Lacoste is the best example with the invention of the polo shirt for tennis players.

As sport remained the prerogative of good society, sportswear had to be elegant. Thus Suzanne Lenglen shines by her elegant clothes as well as her exploits. Rowing, polo, rugby, cycling or tennis, all these sports develop an aesthetic of practical, efficient and elegant clothing, creating a chic sportswear wardrobe!

The requirement of technicality

L'exigence de la technicité

The challenge of sportswear is to combine technicality, comfort and aesthetics.
For this collection, for once, Le Minor has left its workshop to source other knits and thus enhance other French textile know-how.

The quilted bouclette of our short-sleeved polo shirts for women and men is knitted in Troyes, the cradle of hosiery. This fabric is the historical fabric of the classic polo because its weaving allows a better ventilation! The slits in the finish of the polo, the choice of material and colors, sober and elegant, represent this alliance between technicality, aestheticism and comfort.
The velvet of our already iconic short sleeve sweater is knitted in Roanne, another French textile bastion! It is a piece of the Mineral collection that we can unhesitatingly call sportswear chic, with its loose fit, its retro spirit and its inimitable softness!

Molton and ottoman also come to shake up our usual materials to bring even more sensuality to our knits of character. Our ottoman t-shirt, available in several colors, is both elegant and sportswear thanks to this very soft and slightly raised material. If you're looking for comfort, it's sure to be a great ally.
The use of these different skills creates a precious wardrobe, guaranteeing a chic French sportswear!

Sportswear for an elegant wardrobe

 Le sportswear pour un vestiaire élégant

The sporstwear pieces we have chosen to develop have become basic wardrobe staples. Just like the workwear style that we love so much, the sportswear style that we offer is based on the timelessness of the pieces. It is responsible because it is made to last.
The polo shirt is available in long or short sleeves, rugby or vertical stripes and even as a dress! Made of quilted bouclette, carded cotton or merino, it is on the rise and allows you to acquire the confidence of a stylish old sea dog, a rugby player, or a tennis player!

The sweater is making its velvet revolution to gain in softness. It is also summery by shortening its sleeves but keeping the stripes, dear to our brand! The henleys decline the maritime codes by borrowing the sailor stripes while keeping their legendary comfort and casual style.

Thus, the Mineral collection gives depth to a chic sportswear wardrobe by adorning it with marine inspiration as elegant as it is timeless!

Sportswear chic

Sportswear chic selon Le Minor