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At the office, I wear my navy sweater

If some of us are obliged to wear a suit at work, it is no longer rare to adopt a more casual outfit during a working day. That said, not everything is allowed and it is better not to do anything with his professional outfit. Also, the pieces that you have in your wardrobe, if they are chosen and associated correctly, can be worn effectively at work. The navy sweater is now worn daily, and especially in the workplace:

1. A simple and comfortable outfit

pull marin au bureau

The idea here is to build an outfit for men that is easy to wear, that fits easily and that, above all, is pleasant. And for that the plain navy blue navy sweater is one of the most interesting pieces. Because of its very tight knit, it is quite possible to wear it alone. Of course, you can replace it with an ecru model as long as you choose the other pieces of the set accordingly. And if ever the temperatures are a little too cool, it can be accompanied by a jacket, like a jungle jacket for example.

Which essential bottom of the male wardrobe is as comfortable behind a desk as in a bar during happy hour? The chino pants of course! Always with the aim of making an easy-to-wear outfit, we turn directly to its classic shade, namely beige. There, two options are available to us: select a basic pant, with a semi-slim cut or turn to a model with double clip and straight. The latter will have its hems rolled up (and why not straps) to give it a real style.

The pair of shoes is also subject to two options. Indeed, it is now possible to go to work in sneakers, if the chosen pair is not too streetwear oriented. So we lean for a nice pair of white leather relatively uncluttered. Otherwise, a pair of derbies mounted on a commando sole, chosen in cognac, also works very well. We add a leather bag with a shoulder strap in order to carry with us all we need for the day and the trick is played!

2. An urban outfit

dresscode au bureau

For this second outfit, you only need to change a few things from the previous look to get a completely different ensemble. We replace the plain sweater by its striped version for a guaranteed sailor effect. The jungle jacket is skipped in favor of a denim jacket. Two choices for the color: bleached or olive!

For the pants, and depending on the jacket we chose, two options are still available to us. The first one is a beige chino, slim fit, classic, which works with the bleached version of the denim jacket. The second is a faded, semi-slim jean.

And for both, a pair of white canvas sneakers. As for accessories, we can bet on a minimalist backpack, very far from the model we wore in high school. A timeless set, sober, mature and everywhere.

3. A smart outfit with a chic style

style vestimentaire au bureau

Of course, we're not talking about a tuxedo! Firstly because it is only worn in certain specific situations (and the professional environment is not one of them) but also because it does not go at all with the navy sweater.

Here, what we are looking for is to get away from the sometimes too casual side of the navy sweater to bring it in a dressy set. The choice of pieces that accompanies it is therefore essential. And it starts with the blazer.

A flannel jacket can, for example, be an excellent choice. The material brings character to the outfit and immediately establishes its chic spirit. We choose the piece in a plain and discreet color, like a charcoal gray or a navy blue (or dark blue) for example. The sweater, which replaces the traditional white shirt, is also plain and navy, for maximum sobriety and elegance.

From there, several pants are possible. The simplest is to turn to a pair of pants in the same color and material as the jacket to have a simple set with a two-piece suit effect. More worked (and therefore more interesting), it is also possible to turn to a piece with patterns, such as the tile for example.

Then, there is only to choose the shoes. The male gender being rather provided on this side there, the choice is multiple! Moccasins, sneakers (white, leather and plain preferably), it is possible to vary the pleasures while making elegant outfits.

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