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Casual chic: the sailor sweater, for women, subtle and casual

Casual chic. This style is by definition a mixture of two other styles. The casual and chic. This makes sense. Knowing that the definition of casual and chic evolve from one season to another, what is hidden behind these two terms?
Let's take a look at casual first. This English word means casual. It refers to non-formal clothing, worn for leisure or for everyday situations: tee-shirt, jogging, jeans... In short, everything that is neither formal nor related to a more formal outfit is casual.

pull marin pour femme

The notion of chic is more abstract in the sense that what is chic for one person is not necessarily chic for another. Let's refer to the Larousse definition. Chic, masculine noun: elegant appearance, presence, graceful aspect. We can therefore say that a chic garment is the opposite of a casual garment.

The cohabitation of these two concepts implies incorporating in an outfit casual elements and others more formal, more elegant. In this sense, casual chic is an easy style to adopt. It's easy to wear anywhere because it allows you to be elegant while remaining cool, far from the sophistication and the "over dressed". Easily adaptable to women, the casual chic style allows a great freedom and blends in all situations. The only risk with this style is to remain too classic or even boring. To avoid this pitfall, choose strong pieces, colorful clothes or original accessories.
As a basic, the sailor knit easily fits in a casual chic look. It's about bringing a stylish piece to a casual outfit, which is easier to do than the other way around. We will discuss 3 different ways to wear the navy sweater in a casual chic look: at the office, for a party or for a weekend in the country.

A formal casual chic look

casual chic : le pull marin pour femme

The navy sweater can have a very wise side. Combined with dressy pieces, it is perfectly suited to a formal atmosphere where you don't want to be too dressed up either. So you can adapt the casual chic style to the office by wearing the navy sweater in a subtle and casual way. In our 1985 catalog, the navy sweater was already present in an "office casual" category.
Formal outfits often highlight dark colors (black, navy blue, taupe). Go against this trend by bringing light. You can however choose neutral tones and compose a light look if you don't want to stand out too much.
Choose our ecru sailor sweater and wear it with cream flannel pants. Lengthen your silhouette by wearing white loafers with high rubber soles. A long, straight white blazer will add the chic touch to this work-ready look.

Casual chic in the evening with a navy sweater

Afterwork with colleagues, aperitif evening with friends to celebrate a birthday, dinner to meet your in-laws... modern life is full of occasions where you need to be elegant without being ostentatious. Casual chic is ideal for these situations and a good navy sweater can save your evening. Beautiful materials always bring chic to an outfit, so don't hesitate to avoid cheapskate polyester clothes and invest in silk, linen, lace...

Choose our real yellow sailor sweater and match it with a black pencil skirt. For shoes, you can choose between casual and chic. For a more casual outfit, wear a pair of white or sequined sneakers. To be a little more chic, small black boots with heels are ideal.
Before getting comfortable inside, you can put on a bomber for the ride. You can "upgrade" the casual look of the bomber by choosing it in a nice material like velvet or leather.

A navy sweater for a casual chic getaway to a country house

look chic en pull marin

The country casual chic look is the easiest to achieve. If you prefer the chic look, think Kate Middleton. If the casual option appeals to you more, think French elegance. You can establish a subtle look between these two influences.

A navy and ecru striped navy sweater is the base for this outfit.
Throw on a pair of raw denim jeans, close to the body and slip into leather or rubber riding boots if the mud is everywhere. For the more chilly ones, we leave it to you to decide whether you prefer a tartan print jacket or a large flannel plaid overshirt.

Wearing the navy sweater in a casual chic way is the easiest way to incorporate this knit into an outfit. At the office, in the evening or in the country, your navy sweater is really the ally of all your looks.

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