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How to wear the navy sweater in 2023

How to go beyond the rusticity of the navy sweater to wear it in a modern way in 2023

porter un pull marin en 2023

When we talk about French workwear, several pieces immediately come to mind. We imagine the work jacket but also the painter's pants, the oilcloth or the sailor's jacket. But there is a piece that best represents this clothing style: the sailor sweater. Created in the 20's to protect sailors from bad weather, it quickly became a must-have of the ready-to-wear. Today, the sailor sweater is the flagship piece Le Minor par excellence. We explain how to wear this timeless Breton garment by integrating it into outfits for men and women.

Wear the navy sweater when you are a woman

Porter le pull marin quand on est une femme

Originally, the merino wool sailor knit was intended for Breton fishermen. It was designed with a dense knit to protect them from the weather and the cold. Tightly knitted, it allowed them to cross the Atlantic while staying warm. A few decades later, Le Minor expanded its clothing line and adapted its pieces to everyday life. Obviously, the opening of its offer also applies to women, who transform this work piece into a real fashion garment in its own right. Elegant, streetwear, workwear, casual-chic or even formal, there are a thousand and one ways to wear the sailor sweater for women.

If the navy sweater has been able to impose itself in a woman's wardrobe, it is thanks to its versatility. Becoming a real garment for women, it is very easy to wear this timeless while expressing its femininity. And with a few well thought accessories, it even becomes the strong piece of a look! Do not hesitate to play on its assets, such as its warmth or the fact that it is very comfortable to create casual outfits that are out of the ordinary. Plain and brightly colored or, conversely, more sober, it can oscillate between all styles, from streetwear to sportswear through casual-chic, without problem.

The navy sweater is also the best ambassador of French elegance. Dressed with its famous white stripes, it is therefore a base of choice for a casual outfit. And for a more formal outfit, intended for work for example, it is enough to associate it with pants with bridge and why not a blazer jacket and the turn is played.


For men, the navy sweater can be worn in several looks. A symbol of virility since it was originally worn by sailors, it is a subtle call to adventure and travel. A versatile piece in a man's wardrobe, it works in a plurality of outfits without worry, as long as you match it in the right way. How to wear knitwear when you're a man, simply and effectively:

If we obviously think of the navy sweater for fall-winter because of the insulating properties of merino wool, it is also the perfect timeless for mid-season! And chosen in its classic shade, navy blue, it even becomes a timeless. A warm sweater yes, but not only that. Casual, dressy or more sportswear, let's see some outfit ideas.
We start with the basics: a navy blue striped sweater. Underneath, we slip a white shirt with long sleeves. We choose it fitted so that it fits perfectly under the knitwear of the wool sweater. Its collar is hidden behind the neckline of the knitted sweater and exceeds very slightly. We continue the ensemble with a pair of raw jeans (or any jeans from your wardrobe), a pair of white sneakers and an olive green three-quarter length jacket. A simple outfit that works in many situations.

We vary the pleasures this time with a plain piece. We choose as a color the ecru, which moves away from the sometimes too classic navy blue of the navy sweater. Over it, a beautiful navy blue blazer jacket with wide lapels gives a chic spirit to the upper body. The pants are a fluid wool pants with darts, which goes down on a pair of plain and pure leather sneakers. And that's all it takes to get a casual-chic outfit!



Whether it's a woman's or a man's sweater, the sweater is often accompanied by a piece slipped underneath. But did you know that some people still dare to wear it next to their skin? Immediately, we imagine that the piece is unpleasant and itches more than reason. What if we told you that you could avoid this inconvenience by choosing a merino wool navy sweater? We see how to wear your striped sweater without having to resort to a t-shirt.

Merino wool (like virgin wool for that matter) differs from a classic wool by its different properties. Capable of thermoregulation, it allows to regulate the body temperature, in winter as in summer. Its fibers being very fine, it remains soft and pleasant to the touch. What's more, the wool we use for our marine sweaters is combed, which means that it is even softer, silkier and more supple than a classic carded wool. The keratin in the merino wool fibers also makes it easier to wick away bad odors.

All these points make this wool sweater the king of comfort and warmth, despite a fine knit. It is therefore possible to wear it throughout the seasons without any problem, which makes it a valuable piece for your wardrobe.

The first outfit you can try with the sweater next to the skin is relatively simple and echoes its military past. So it is chosen navy blue with white stripes, for a sailor spirit. Then, you just have to put on a pair of white five-pocket pants and a pair of white canvas sneakers or boat shoes and you have a basic but effective outfit, which works for both men and women.

The second outfit, more masculine, evolves in a more dressed-up, casual-chic spirit. The knitted sweater is chosen plain and navy blue. The pants are replaced by a pair of Bermuda shorts in light beige cotton twill. We also pick in our wardrobe a beautiful plain navy blazer. On the feet, smooth brown leather loafers come to establish the dressed side of the set.
Of course, these are just two examples of what is possible. Once again, it is possible to go much further, the idea being to play on the materials of the pieces that accompany the navy sweater but also on the different shades of the latter. To get an idea of the colors available, we invite you to look at the new collection!



When it was first created, the navy sweater was worn long, above the pants, in order to protect its wearer up to the knees. As fashion has taken hold of this indivisible icon of French workwear history, it has been shortened somewhat to fit into our daily outfits. However, it has kept a certain length and because of its narrowness, it can be easily slipped into pants to create modern outfits with character. In this last part, discover the new fashion trends to wear your navy sweater in pants, for men and women:

But first of all, it is necessary to explain how to wear a navy sweater in pants. It seems obvious said like that but it is necessary to respect two three points if you want the result to be optimal. And it starts with the choice of the size of the sweater. Intended to keep the maximum body heat, it is by nature very close to the body. It is therefore possible to choose it one or two sizes above in order to make it blouser slightly and more easily on the belt of the pants.

If you want to try the experiment but you are not very sure of the result, it is better to start on a plain model, easier to associate. Once the exercise well in hand, it will be possible to add the stripes. Then, it will be enough to play with the colors available for the navy sweater and to vary the associated pants: jeans, chino and even shorts, it is then possible to realize a trendy set easily.

The fact of tucking the navy sweater in his pants can highlight the silhouette. Playing with the timeless and timeless side of the piece allows to add stronger pieces for the rest of the outfit, like a pair of pumps with red heels for example, or a pair of leather sneakers worked. Clearly, tucking your navy sweater into your pants is the fashion trend of the moment.

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