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A workwear look with my navy sweater

If you're interested in fashion, it's hard to miss the current men's trend: workwear. As its name indicates, this trend (originally for men but now unisex) reuses professional clothes as everyday clothes. It is therefore no longer rare to see a work outfit used for all occasions. Today, we show you how to wear the workwear look every day, with the navy sweater as the only constraint:

1. What is workwear?

Un look workwear avec un pull marin

To understand the phenomenon, it is better to quickly go back to its history in order to understand it well. If it is difficult to date precisely the arrival of the workwear style, it is possible to say that it draws its inspiration from the various American trades of the 18th and 19th century. Cowboys, farmers, carpenters and even laborers through mechanics, each of these jobs to bring its stone to the building of workwear.

In addition to that, we must also think of the lumberjacks (and their famous thick plaid shirt) but especially the army, which is a bottomless pit of workwear pieces, so it has a category all to itself: the military wear. In addition to the United States, Japan is also part of the countries at the origin of workwear. More than that, the country of the Rising Sun has even given it its letters of nobility.

In addition to the military, Japan is known for its mastery of denim. Obviously, the history of Japanese denim is closely linked to the history of the country, occupied by the United States until 1951. The American soldiers, then stationed, brought with them the American culture and especially their style of dress, which will be very accurate in the country for decades.

But more than a rich history, workwear is also an insatiable quest for authenticity. It is not uncommon to speak of "heritage brands", a culture of beauty and comfort. The complete opposite of slimming fashion, workwear is all about beautiful cuts, durable fabrics and a love of vintage.

2. Some ideas for a workwear look with a navy sweater

Adopter un look workwear avec un pull marin

Once the basics are in place, let's move on to styling with a few outfits. The sailor sweater, before being a basic wardrobe item, is a garment designed for sailors. It is therefore a 100% workwear piece!

For this first outfit, we opt for its navy blue version with white stripes. We slip underneath a nice chambray shirt with adjustable cuff. And we associate the whole with a beautiful straight raw jean, the emblematic piece of the American workwear style. Add a good pair of boots and a work jacket (navy blue or olive green) and you have a classic workwear outfit that is easy to wear.

Another outfit, another navy sweater! This time, it is the plain navy blue navy sweater that we select. Underneath, we slip a nice white t-shirt. For the pants, we turn to a fatigue pant of the American army olive green. Pants that we associate with a pair of workboots in smooth cognac leather with white sole. Over the sweater, we add a reversible sleeveless liner green British army, liner covered by a thick cotton canvas jacket, type canvas. As for accessories, a nice hat will do the trick.

Third look, we tighten the game. This time, the key piece of the outfit is... a jumpsuit! You can choose a model of the aviation or a mechanic. We will then have two main colors: olive green (for the aviation) or navy blue. In all cases, the marine sweater will be ecru. Also, we make sure to choose a model of suit with a stretch belt to divide the silhouette into two distinct parts. On the feet, and to break the rest of the set, we choose a pair of white leather sneakers. We can then either drop the legs of the suit on it, or roll them up. As an accessory, a pretty red bandana tied around the neck does the trick.

For the last look we propose, we will draw inspiration from different worlds. Here, the navy sweater is ecru with navy stripes. The pants are either olive green fatigue pants or thick raw jeans. We associate it with a pair of chocolate brown half-hunter derby shoes with rubber soles. Over the sweater, we add a three-quarter waxed brown jacket. We add yellow leather gloves, similar to those worn by some lumberjacks. Finally, we tie around the neck a discreet silk scarf. A perfect outfit to ride a motorcycle, if of course one adds the right protective equipment!

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