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What to wear with the sailor sweater for men

The navy sweater is one of the men's sweaters that we wear when we want to be warm. True timeless of a male wardrobe, it is as comfortable in a dressy outfit as a casual set. But often, it can be complicated to imagine it in an outfit: what pants to choose, does it go with shorts, a coat or a jacket, etc.. The answer is obvious: it goes with everything! In this article, we show you how to wear a navy sweater when you are a man with the help of several silhouettes:

1. Sober and chic, wear a navy sweater with a chino

pull marin homme par le minor

Without a doubt, the navy sweater and the chino are two historical pieces of fashion. The knit sweater was originally worn by sailors as it was considered one of the warmest. The latter was invented for British troops stationed in the colonies. Both have a history in the professional world. Basic sober but with character, associating them will delight the man who seeks a simple but effective outfit as much as the lover of trends. In short, clothes for all occasions!

The first outfit you can make with a navy sweater and a chino is relatively simple, but remains effective and timeless. Among all the variations of navy sweaters that exist, we choose the classic: a navy blue sweater with white stripes. Same treatment for the chino, which is dressed in its most beautiful beige and its straight cut. Under the sweater, we slip either a shirt (white or light blue) or a t-shirt. And over it, a nice sober navy jacket. On the feet, a pair of white leather sneakers finishes this first timeless and relaxed set.

This outfit can be turned more towards casual chic by changing a few points, including colors. The cotton fabric of the chino pants is no longer beige but navy blue and the navy sweater is either navy or ecru, as long as it is plain. The sneakers are replaced by a pair of brown derbies. As an accessory, we turn to an elegant chech. Finally, we cover everything with a long trench coat, chosen either navy blue or khaki green. For the elegant men, who like the pleasant to wear.

Because of their passive nature, the navy sweater and the men's chino can work very well in a workwear wardrobe! Here, the chino moves away from the dressy style and dons a thick, raw olive green cotton canvas. If there are several pants in the men's wardrobe that meet these characteristics, here we must choose a model with a carrot cut and darts, cut in 7/8th and finished with an American fold. With this, we add a plain ecru navy sweater. The piece underneath is free and can be a western shirt as well as a white t-shirt or even nothing at all! The outfit is finished with a camel corduroy jacket, a color that is also chosen for the pair of workboots that accompanies the pants. A set for men who appreciate a rich and varied wardrobe.

2. I dare to wear my navy sweater with shorts

pull marin avec un short

When the sunny days arrive and the temperature is pleasant until late at night, the navy sweater and shorts are often associated. Perfect together symbolizing the summer idleness, it is still elegant and easy to wear and to decline to create original summer outfits for men. Dressy or casual look, cotton shorts or cotton and linen Bermuda shorts, the possibilities are multiple.

For the first outfit, we play on the basics. So we take a navy sweater in its classic configuration, that is to say navy blue and white stripes. The shorts are chosen in a cotton twill similar to the one used for a chino. And its color is obviously beige. The pair of shoes that accompanies this set is, at choice, a pair of white canvas sneakers or boat shoes. A nice basic outfit perfect for spring-summer!

The ready-to-wear market is full of shorts and Bermuda shorts, this is obviously not the only possible outfit to make. We leave the casual register for something slightly more dressed up. The shorts are replaced by Bermuda shorts, longer (but not as long as a pantacourt) and are equipped with side adjusters on the sides. The top of the thighs has darts, to reinforce the spirit of dress. The navy sweater is still navy blue but sees its stripes disappear. We can slip underneath a light canvas shirt (linen will be ideal). On the feet, a pair of moccasins is essential. The whole can be covered by a jacket with a destructured confection with a light knit, as the Fresco for example, if the weather allows it. For men who want to be elegant during the mid-season.

The ready-to-wear market is full of men's shorts and Bermuda shorts. And for this third outfit, we select a very particular model: the denim shorts. Obviously, the fabric of this last one is relatively light in order to support the rise of the temperatures without worries. We select the plain and ecru sweater, an ideal color when the weather is nice! On the feet, we obviously turn to a pair of white leather sneakers, very refined and elegant. For men who want casual but not too much.

The last outfit gives pride of place to a style: the casual. The navy sweater is navy blue and without stripes. The shorts are in light cotton, plain or with prints. On the feet, it's your choice: canvas sneakers, open shoes or espadrilles! A very casual set that will make you want to leave your jeans in the closet.

3. Wear the sailor sweater Irish style (kilt)

pull marin à l’irlandaise

We saw how to match our navy sweater with a chino and shorts. What if we showed you how to match your navy sweater with a kilt? Yes, it's possible! Born in Highland and then considered as a traditional costume for Celtic men for many centuries, the Scottish kilt is now worn daily. Men wear this tweed suit with a check pattern (like the Prince of Wales, for example) for ceremonies as well as to watch a soccer game. Let's see how to integrate the kilt in different outfits. Guaranteed no bagpipes!

And the first outfit we suggest you wear is for a ceremony. The shirt and tie are replaced by a plain navy blue or ecru navy sweater. The second option will be more interesting because it allows you to associate the sweater with socks. Over the sweater, we add a nice wool suit jacket (tweed if it's cool) in navy blue. The kilt is chosen in a very nice tartan fabric mixing bottle green, navy blue, red and yellow. The most logical shoes are then a pair of black brogues with flowers. We add to that a scabbard, a brooch and the sgian dubh stored in a sock and the trick is done. An outfit in the purest Scottish Celtic style.

The second outfit which includes a kilt is more for those who want to wear it every day. We remove all the traditional accessories to focus on the essentials. The jacket is also put in the closet. From there, the choices are quite free and the colors of the sweater and the kilt are at choice, as long as they are matched! It is possible to make a small deviation from Scotland and to go and see the Irish kilts, which have their own colors and patterns. We keep high socks, which can for example be gray anthracite and the brogues are replaced by leather sneakers, black or white. A masculine and original outfit.

4. Fashion: navy sweater and jeans, the trendy look of the year

 pull marin et jean

If the denim fabric takes its name from the city of Nimes, where it originates, the denim pants owe all its fame to a man : Levi Strauss. A European immigrant who arrived in New York in 1847, he opened a fabric business in California five years later. He will then meet Jacob Davis, a tailor from Reno and both of them will create the jeans as we know them. In this section, we will see what happens when two great fashion basics meet.

Amazingly, the jean evolves with each new collection. But for this first outfit, we will stick to its basic version! It is a straight jean, with a light washed effect. We add a navy blue sweater with white stripes and a pair of sneakers. The first set can stop there, we get a good basic casual for his wardrobe but a little passepartout.

So we can go further! The navy blue navy sweater can be replaced by a red model, to add some pep to the outfit. The ready-to-wear is full of jeans for men and among them, there is an essential piece, it is the raw jean. Generally, we prefer it in a straight cut but it is possible to leave on another cut (we avoid however the skinny jeans) according to his preferences. Over the set, we opt for a three quarter jacket olive green. On the feet, a pair of brown boots will perfectly do the trick. A casual and timeless look.

One of the most famous stylistic faux pas is the Canadian suit. This expression refers to the fact of wearing a denim top and bottom, in the same color.but of course, it is possible to play the total denim look, if you respect several points! Firstly, it is better to start on a blue jean, even dark blue and choose a jacket (or a shirt) with a more pronounced wash. Why not start on a work jacket in hickory for example, this blue denim with stripes very trendy in the workwear world. We add to that a pair of workboots and it's done!
Fashion being a perpetual restart, it is possible to wear jeans in a retro style without any problem. Here again, a few points must be respected. First, you must choose your jeans. So we opt for a pant with a pronounced bootcut. The wash here does not matter as long as it is in agreement with the rest of the outfit. We also avoid torn models, which do not work in this outfit. The navy sweater is navy blue, with or without stripes and associated with a shirt with a French collar, long if possible. We add a leather jacket, black or brown, and a pair of thin boots and the set is finished.

5. I wear a shirt under my navy sweater

Wearing a shirt under a navy sweater is possible, but there are some rules to respect. Between the length of the sleeves, the length of the bust, the cut of the shirt but also the collar and the material used, all these points influence the choice of the shirt.

For the first outfit, we choose a shirt with a Mao or officer collar. The interest of these two collars is that they fit perfectly with the navy sweater, while leaving a discreet and elegant border. The edging can also be done at the wrist. The choice of material and color of the shirt is quite wide since it depends on the sweater. It is navy blue, striped or plain? The shirt is in white or light blue Oxford.

Is the sweater ecru? The long sleeve shirt is in blue and white pinpoint stripes. The rest of the pieces are the same for the different combinations: a navy blue unstructured blazer, slightly washed jeans and a pair of white canvas sneakers. A nice outfit for men, basic and timeless, subtly elegant and deceptively casual, ideal for the office as for an outing.

We continue on the casual style by taking the path of workwear for the second outfit. The navy blue sweater with white stripes. Underneath, we slip either a cotton flannel check shirt, for a lumberjack spirit, or a light denim shirt. The little extra: leave the buttoning of the neckline open so that we see more of the shirt. The shirt collar is obviously a classic collar.

For the pants, we have several choices. The first is to start on the king of pants, the most basic and timeless: the chino. We add darts, a carrot cut (or a straight cut) with a shortened length in 7/8th and a color oscillating between brown and camel. To this we add a pair of nubuck workboots. And we finish the outfit with an olive jungle jacket. An outfit for casual men.

The men's wardrobe is full of shirts for men dressed. You will have understood it, this third outfit makes the beautiful part to a chic shirt with a particular detail: its club collar. The latter will be worn over the round neck of the navy sweater, which will be chosen plain and navy blue. The shirt is made in a nice light blue cotton, with a slim fit. The pants are also slim-fitting, to match the aesthetics of the set. They can be plain or with discreet patterns, like the pied-de-puce. Finally, a pair of black derbies finishes the ensemble.

The fourth outfit focuses on a style mixing retro and modern. We choose a cotton shirt with a nice French collar. It is part of the classic collars for a shirt and has the particularity of having long points. To continue in this axis, it is chosen in white. The shirt is deliberately long and exceeds the sleeves and the waist.

Among all the variations of marine sweaters that exist, it is its classic navy version with white stripes that we prefer here. The pants are made of navy blue wool and are relatively loose. The whole is finished by a pair of white leather sneakers. An outfit for daring men who are looking for novelty.

6. Which coat to choose with my navy sweater?

In some situations, the navy sweater, given its dense knit, is enough on its own. However, when temperatures drop drastically, it is necessary to add a warm piece over it. Yes, but which one? In this part, we are interested in the timeless pieces of the men's wardrobe and we explain how to wear a coat with your navy sweater:

The first outfit is a very famous long coat and waterproof: the trench coat. As one of the most chic pieces of men's ready-to-wear, it allows several styles, while protecting us from the weather. This time, we leave its chic look for a more urban and modern spirit. It is longer and looser than usual and instead of selecting the trench in beige, we turn to a khaki shade. Underneath, the navy sweater is ecru, like the pants, for a colorblock effect. We add to this a large scarf in the same tones and a pair of sneakers and the outfit is finished.

The second outfit focuses on another classic: the coat. This wool coat is made of a sheep wool sheet and gets its originality from its double buttoning. Chosen in its classic cut, it covers a navy blue sweater with white stripes. And under it, a light denim shirt! For the pants, we easily go for a raw jean with a fitted cut. We finish the outfit with a pair of brown boots. A timeless set.

For the next outfit, we will tell you only one thing: dare! Indeed, we leave the coats for a moment to turn to a jacket, and not just any one: the leather perfecto. Piece with a very strong character, we opt for a set all in subtlety. The leather jacket is obviously black but also its snaps and zippers. The marine sweater is as for him navy blue and plain. We slip under it a white shirt that is discreetly exceeded. The pants are in grey flannel anthracite, with a carrot cut and shortened. To finish the look, we choose a pair of boots 8 eyelets black. A rock style, elegant and discreet with a mythical jacket.

Among the warmest wool coats, the kabig and the duffle coat are the masters of the discipline. Both windproof and waterproof, this kind of coat evolves as well in a dressy or casual, even sportswear. They do not have several cuts and will generally be chosen loose for more ease. For this outfit, we choose a black or navy blue piece. The navy blue sweater is plain and worn with a white t-shirt. The pants are in navy blue corduroy for a harmonious set. Rolled up, they fall on a pair of cognac boat shoes mounted on commando soles. A modern style for men.

7. Which jacket should I wear with my navy sweater?

The male wardrobe has a multitude of various jackets. Essential piece of any good dressing that respects itself, it touches as well the casual style as dressed. There is therefore one for all occasions, the goal is to choose the best. In this last part, we are interested in the ways to associate a jacket with a navy sweater.

The first outfit is the blazer jacket, different from the suit jacket. This last one is realized in a beautiful navy blue wool, with beautiful lapels (jacket which can be replaced by a light jacket as a safari jacket for a casual-chic style). Underneath, we slip a navy blue sweater with stripes, to come slightly contrast the jacket. The pants comes to break this blue movement by dressing in a pretty gray flannel anthracite. Its cut is curved. We finish the outfit with a pair of black boots. A timeless style for a dressy outfit.

We leave the chic jacket that is the blazer or the suit jacket to turn to a more casual piece: the denim jacket. This timeless of the male wardrobe works perfectly with a navy sweater. We choose it in a light blue denim and a fitted cut, then we associate it with a plain navy blue sweater. The pants can be a beige chino and the shoes are white deck shoes. A perfect mid-season outfit!

Among all the jackets of the men's dressing room, there is one that is not really one. However, we continue to use it as an overcoat: it is the overshirt! It is not among the most chic but this cotton jacket oscillates without problem between sportswear and casual, even casual-chic. For this last outfit, we choose a loose and navy blue model. The navy sweater is also navy blue but with white stripes. The pants are a navy blue corduroy carpenter pant. Quite loose, it falls on a pair of white leather sneakers. A modern color block outfit.

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