<< 5 manteaux tendances avec un pull marin

5 trendy coats with a navy sweater

With its very dense and tight knit, the sailor sweater is often enough by itself. However, it can be interesting to add an extra layer of clothing, either by stylistic choice or by thermal necessity. And whatever the reason, it is not enough to throw the first coat that comes on our shoulders for the result to be successful. Today, we offer you timeless looks with five key pieces of the men's dressing room to find the perfect coat to wear with his navy sweater.

1. Breton look: wear a navy sweater with an oilskin!

Look breton : porter un pull marin avec un ciré !

This is the piece that smells good iodized air, the one that immediately echoes Brittany. The oilskin was born in the 60s thanks to Guy Cotten. A waterproof PVC windbreaker, it is equipped with a zipper and velcro closures. Half-long, its straight cut allows a great freedom of movement. Generally brightly colored, it was designed to protect sailors thanks to its waterproofing but also to make it easier to spot them once they fall at sea. Easy to wear, dare to wear an oilskin with a sailor sweater for a successful Breton look.

For the first outfit, we choose this timeless garment for men in its traditional color. The yellow raincoat contrasts with the navy blue sweater. If you want to play the total Breton look, take it with white stripes! For the pants, we have the choice between a thick navy blue chino or a light jean. The only thing missing is a hat and a good pair of sneakers to finish the outfit! Of course, if the weather is bad, you can swap the sneakers for a pair of rubber boots. A very comfortable casual outfit.

The second outfit forgets the yellow oilcloth for a khaki model, a color very much used in the male wardrobe. We also play on the shape of the coat: longer or shorter, more fitted or loose. Anyway, the navy sweater underneath is unbleached and plain. The pants are corduroy with a carrot cut and shortened at the ankles. We add to it a pair of suede workboots, preferably beige and mounted on white rubber soles. As an accessory, we opt for a cap or a beanie, depending on preference. A timeless mid-season look, comfortable and which makes us brave the bad weather with style.

The oilcloth, if well selected, can be part of very modern outfits. And among the current trends, the monochrome has a place of choice! For this last outfit with an oilskin, we choose the navy blue. The coat is particularly long, loose and light. The navy sweater follows the movement and is plain navy blue. The pants are in fluid and loose wool and is associated with a pair of white leather sneakers. To accessorize, we opt for a large and wide navy blue or gray scarf. We add a smooth black leather pouch in order to put away his daily necessities and we obtain a sober and elegant outfit, which plays on the bi-material side.

2. Wear a trench coat with a navy sweater

Porter un trench avec un pull marin

This is undoubtedly one of the most stylish coats in men's ready-to-wear. Created for British soldiers in World War I to protect them from the elements, the trench coat is now considered an essential classic coat. Initially offered in beige, its traditional color, this double-breasted raincoat has been modified to better meet the expectations of today's consumers. But more than a waterproof coat (for men and women), the trench coat is a part of the history of clothing that can be worn for all occasions, every season.

The first outfit gives pride of place to the sober and elegant side of the trench coat. The long coat is chosen in its basic color, namely beige, and in a fitted cut. Underneath, the navy sweater is in a plain color: navy blue. Same rate for the pants, a chino in a beautiful navy fabric and with a slim fit. From there, the choice of the pair of shoes is rather large and gives the tone of the outfit. For a casual outfit, we opt for white leather sneakers. For a chic look, we turn more to black leather brogues.

We leave the timeless and timeless beige trench coat for the second outfit to turn to an elephant gray or taupe model without lining. Preferably plain, it can be dressed with discreet checks for more volume. The cut is looser than usual, more modern. Underneath, the navy sweater is dressed in a pretty plain ecru. The pants echo the trench and is loose too. His color is dark, to contrast with the sweater. We finish the whole with a pair of sneakers and that's it: a casual sportswear set, perfect for mid-season.

In this last outfit, we opt for a khaki trench coat, color wink to the military past of the piece. The color of the navy sweater is then quite found: a pretty ecru. For the pants, and to continue to play with the history of the piece, we can choose a cargo pants, also khaki. If this piece does not suit you, do not hesitate to replace it by one of your jeans! On the feet, smooth cognac leather workboots finish this military spirit set.

3. Rock and roll: the sailor sweater with a perfecto

le pull marin avec un perfecto

When we think of rock and roll style, and in particular the leather perfecto, we can sometimes imagine outfits not very elegant and a little too "border". However, it is one of the most worked styles for men if the pieces are well chosen! Originally worn by bikers as protection, this quilted jacket is now an integral part of the male wardrobe. But if you're going for the rock and roll look, there are a few rules to follow to avoid looking like a ZZ Top.

The first outfit is based on one word: subtlety. The perfecto is chosen in its basic shade, namely black. It can be in cowhide leather but remains more interesting in lamb leather. The navy sweater is navy blue and plain. We slip him under a white shirt whose collar is tucked. For the pants, we turn to a model in grey flannel anthracite, in the cut carrot and in cut in 7/8th. The pair of shoes is logically a pair of boots with 8 eyelets, in black leather. A rock and elegant style, simple and effective.

For the second outfit, we select a mid-season leather jacket, without lining. The cut is more fitted than on the basic model, but remains as short as the biker jackets of the time. The zipper can also be black, to give a more sober side to the piece. The sailor sweater is navy blue with white stripes and goes down on a light and slim jeans. For the shoes, we have the choice between a pair of canvas sneakers or a pair of black suede chelsea boots. We finish by a red bandana carelessly buried in the chest pocket of the jacket. A biker 2.0 style with a mythical jacket.

4. Retro: I dare to associate my navy sweater with a duffle coat or a kabig

pull marin avec un duffle coat ou un kabig

Certainly, the kabig and the duffle coat are part of the elegant coats of the male wardrobe. Made from a boiled sheep's wool sheet and equipped with an original buttoning, these overcoats keep us warm when the weather is very capricious. Let's see how to combine kabig and navy sweater, the man coat for dressy and casual wear.

The first outfit starts with the choice of the long coat. We choose the wool coat in a color oscillating between beige and camel. If the wool can be plain, it is not excluded to choose a coat with checks for more relief. The navy sweater is ecru and plain, like the pants, for a color block effect. The latter is in cotton, straight or wide. As shoes, we turn to a pair of sneakers in retro style and we add an imposing scarf selected in the colors of the other pieces. Putting on a dressy coat has never been so street!

The duffle coat and the kabig are among the warmest wool coats in the men's wardrobe. Associated with a navy sweater, our thermal protection is optimal, no need to add a woolen skin between the two for example. Also, for the second outfit, we wear the sweater with a t-shirt. It is navy blue and plain. The winter coat is chosen either black or navy blue and the sheet is plain, without pattern. For the pants, we have the choice between a raw or slightly washed jeans and a classic beige chino. We finish the set with a pair of boat shoes mounted on commando soles.

5. Coat and sailor sweater, Breton elegance

Clearly, the pea coat and the navy sweater are two symbols of the French elegance. This navy blue coat for wool is born in the military navy but is quickly introduced into everyday life. A short coat for men, it is characterized by a characteristic cross-buttoning and a solid construction. Versatile, it can be slipped into elegant outfits as well as workwear. If it is usually entirely in wool, it is not uncommon to see it in two materials, with leather at the collar. Let's see how to associate this timeless sheep wool coat with the navy sweater.

King of the wool coats of the fall-winter, the waterproof coat must be chosen in its traditional plain color: a pretty navy blue. Not having several cuts, we opt for a straight piece, to be comfortable once buttoned. We select a model with an interior pocket, to put his wallet there. Underneath, we slip a navy blue sweater with white stripes. Despite its dense knit, we add under the sweater a light blue denim shirt. Among the pants that we have, several choices are offered to us. At first, we think obviously of the raw jeans. But it is possible to leave on a dark blue chino. We finish the outfit with the feet a pair of smooth leather workboots light brown.

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