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I adopt the perfecto to rock with the navy sweater

rock'n roll en pull marin et perfecto

If the Pixies, the Clash, the Rolling Stones or the Babyshambles are among your favorite music bands, chances are you have a very special jacket in your wardrobe: the Perfecto. Undeniably associated with rock culture, this leather jacket is, since its creation in 1928, a timeless male wardrobe. Also flirting with the biker style, it is among the most versatile jackets for men in terms of style. After this article, adopt the rock and roll look, by associating the navy sweater with the perfecto:

1. The origins of the perfecto

A. Air Force, cigars and big cars

When we want to talk about the origins of this mythical leather jacket, it seems impossible not to mention two brothers: Irving and Jack Schott. Sons of Russian immigrants, they started their career by producing rainwear directly in their New York apartment. They founded their company, Schott Bros, in 1913. Seven years later, they focused on motorcycle clothing.

The Roaring Twenties were a time of expanding leisure activities, including motorcycling. Mainly used by former U.S. Army airplane pilots, it required a certain amount of equipment. These pilots will therefore wear their long military leather coats. But not very practical, they decide to cut them at the level of the hips.

Harley Davidson, whose customers are mostly these famous pilots, decides to order from Schott a jacket that is strong, durable and protects from the cold. With a cigar in his mouth, Irving began designing a short, thick cowhide jacket with a zipper. For the name, Irving looks no further than the tip of his nose, literally, since he will choose the name of his favorite cigar: the Perfecto.

B. The Second World War and Hollywood as a springboard

However, it was not until the end of the Second World War that the perfecto became truly famous. After the atrocities of the war, art and culture are on fire in the United States. Rock n' roll flooded Uncle Sam's country and hypnotized American youth. At the same time, former airplane and tank pilots created the very first biker clubs. The most famous at the time was undoubtedly the Boozefighters, which was at the origin of the film Wild Bunch.

And it is precisely this film which will boost the popularity of the Perfecto. We see Marlon Brando beautifully wearing a 618 camouflaged in 613, model worn by the Boozefighters. From then on, the Perfecto became THE jacket of the rebel and the kingpins.

C. Rock n' roll !

Les Ramones en look rock

The 60s marked the arrival of the Perfecto in Europe. It hit two countries simultaneously: France and England. In France, it is on the shoulders of all the hooligans, who are then called "black jackets". Johnny Hallyday will make of it one of his favorite stage clothes. In the country of his majesty, the Punk movement will raise it to the rank of a real uniform.

2. Perfecto and navy sweater are a good match

A. Rock and elegant

Given its past, is it possible that the Perfecto combines with the navy sweater? The answer is obvious: yes! As these are two strong pieces, the idea is to play on subtlety to create a strong but harmonious and homogeneous set. We can therefore choose a black Perfecto (the obvious), in lamb leather and quilted. The navy sweater is dressed in a nice shade of ecru to create a nice contrast.

For the pants, a woolen model, charcoal gray and carrot cut will balance the set. On the feet, six or eight eyelet boots, in smooth leather or nubuck, will be appropriate. Finally, to finish the outfit, we will add a pair of sunglasses associated with a black or charcoal gray hat, or even a miki. A rock and elegant style very trendy.

B. Basic. Simple

look rock

Obviously, an outfit with jeans is mandatory! This time, we choose a mid-season leather Perfecto, that is to say without padding. The cut will also be more fitted, in order to stick to the rock spirit of the jacket. The navy sweater will be chosen in navy blue with white stripes, for an authentic style.

And as for the jeans, we will opt for a light model to contrast with the top of the outfit. It will be slim for more consistency with the Perfecto and the navy sweater. On the feet, canvas sneakers or Chelsea Boots will do perfectly. Finally, the essential accessory will be the bandana, preferably red, tied around the neck or pushed carelessly into the chest pocket of the Perfecto! Rock style assured.

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