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Fashion trend: wear a trench coat with a navy sweater

No need to worry about being trendy if you wear your navy sweater with a trench coat

Trench et pull marin : le look ultime

You will have no trouble being trendy with a navy sweater, if you wear a trench coat.it is an ultra trendy piece for many years and it does not go out of fashion at all. But do you know its origins? One clue is in its name, because trench coat means trench coat, and it was popularized by the British military who wore it in the trenches during the First World War.

Until the 19th century, coats were waterproofed with oil or lanolin. In 1820, the Scotsman Charles Mackintosh made an overcoat covered with rubber. This was the birth of the first raincoat, intended for the outdoor activities of gentlemen: hunting, fishing, riding... These early pieces had odor problems, were stiff and melted when it was too hot. But Mackintosh teamed up with Thomas Hancock (yes, the father of the English rubber industry) who improved the manufacture of the fabric to solve these problems.

In 1851, the Englishman John Emary developed a fabric that was waterproof and lighter than Mackintosh's clothes. He named it Aquascutum, which means shield against water in Latin. These raincoats dressed British officers during the Crimean War from 1853 to 1856. At the same time, the young Thomas Burberry, fond of hunting, decided to make a waterproof and breathable garment to evacuate perspiration, because his love of the outdoors was incompatible with his rheumatism problems. He opened his clothing store in 1854 and in 1879, he developed an overcoat made of waterproof gabardine. The threads of the fabric were waterproofed before being woven. His coat had the same fate as Aquascutum's and was worn during the two Boer wars (1880-81 and 1899-1902). Reworked for the officers leaving for the front in 1914, it is at this time that this overcoat took its name of trench-coat. Its technical details were fully adapted to the life of soldiers in the trenches. The cuffs prevent water from entering, the bibs in the back are used to let water run off, the rings on the belt in the shape of a D are used to hang gloves, canteens or grenades... and the shoulder tabs are used to hang the stripes to recognize the rank, but also to maintain the straps of the bags.

Aquascutum and Burberry are fighting over the paternity of this garment that officers continued to wear when they returned to civilian life. A garment for heroes, it was gradually adopted by civilians for its practicality on the one hand, its patriotic aura on the other, but also because it conferred the distinction, mystery and panache of those who had fought.

It is once again in the cinema that this raincoat became mythical. The figure of the officer was replaced by that of the lone detective, the investigative journalist, the sassy spy or the femme fatale. Whether Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca in 1942, Marlene Dietrich in The Scandal of Berlin in 1948, Audrey Hepburn in Diamonds on the Couch in 1961, the trench coat is the symbol of intrepid men and mysterious women. Stars have remained faithful to it all their lives, both in films and in the city, inscribing its legend, like Catherine Deneuve or Alain Delon. Finally, it is thanks to Yves Saint-Laurent that the trench coat won its fashion crown by parading on the designer's catwalks on January 29, 1962.

Now taken up by many designers, each season, the trench is perpetually interpreted: short, long, wide, curved, colored, plain, patchwork, leather ...

Whatever the model chosen, a trench is still a trench and you'll be sure to be trendy by wearing it with this other classic that is the navy sweater, whether it is striped or plain.


trench et pull marin au féminin

Since the trench coat embodies elegance, it is very easy to combine it with casual clothes to create a casual chic look.

Here we will choose a classic trench coat: long and beige. The idea is to wear it open and without a belt to let the ecru and green striped navy sweater show. A pair of straight jeans slightly loose will be used to dress the bottom. We like to roll up the bottom of the pants to show the ankles. The choice of shoes is either a pair of black loafers or white sneakers. A leather bucket bag will be the ultimate accessory to this elegant and casual outfit.



The trench coat can also be worn in a more feminine way, associated with a plain navy sweater.

Choose our yellow navy sweater and put it over a short trench coat that you belt to mark the waist, but without buttoning it. Pair it with a black tulle midi skirt for a "New Look" effect. Wear pumps and choose a small satchel bag as a handbag.

You can also choose to wear this yellow sweater with 7/8 cigarette pants with small black and white gingham checks. Slip on an oversized and colorful trench coat and belt it tightly to cinch your waist. You can wear pumps, or sandals with small heels. A nice leather bag and large dangling earrings will complete this ultra glamorous and feminine look.



The navy sweater and the trench coat share marine and military origins. It is therefore obvious to associate them to compose a workwear look.

Choose the authentic beige mid-length trench coat to wear with a navy blue virgin wool sweater. Slip your legs into cargo pants in the same color as the trench. You can add a feminine touch by wearing heeled sandals and carrying this outfit with a soft leather bag.

You can also choose a printed trench coat and wear it with a plain knit, selvedge jeans and desert boots or sneakers.

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