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Combine the navy sweater in a streetwear look

Streetwear is a clothing style in its own right. It appeared in the 80's and is closely linked to the emergence and development of the Hip-Hop culture, mainly in America. More widely, streetwear echoes urban cultures and therefore also includes the skate culture as well as the surf culture (based in Guidel in Brittany, we can only confirm this point!). In the United States, streetwear was initially associated with street gangs, which made it a real symbol of resistance. Today, this violent side of streetwear has disappeared, leaving a rich style worn by most, drawing its inspiration everywhere. So everywhere that it is possible to integrate a navy sweater in a streetwear look, the proof:

1. Hip-Hop 90s spirit

look streetwear et pull marin

Obviously, for this outfit, we don't ask you to become a rapper overnight. Just borrow the perfect 90's MC's ready-to-wear, with a slight update. We start by choosing a plain navy blue sweater. Over it, you can wear a loose-fitting overshirt with large checks, with a contrasting velvet collar for example. It will be buttoned with only a few buttons, starting from the collar.

As pants, the best is to start on a relatively loose jeans, at the limit of the baggy, and clear. On the feet, we turn to workboots but not just any, Yellow boots, voluntarily relaxed. As an accessory, the black hat seems to be just right. Finally, we can add a sleeveless down jacket or a parka type shift jacket to finish this look straight out of the 90s.

2. Modern urban spirit

look urbain et streetwear avec un pull marin Le Minor

These days, streetwear is not just about baggies, gold chains and diamond-encrusted watches. This trend has been able to evolve and refine itself, offering outfits that can be worn by a wide range of people.

The starting point of this look is not the navy sweater this time but the pants, a thick cotton tracksuit bottom. Grey and plain, it can also be mottled to give it a little relief. With that, we put on our best pair of white socks and then we add some stylish sneakers, why not from a collaboration between two brands.

The navy sweater will be chosen in its classic version, namely navy blue with white stripes. Over it, we add a hoodie with a zip, either gray, to go with the pants, or in a contrasting color, like a nice pale yellow for example. Be careful then to choose the color so that it matches the pants but also the navy sweater! Finally, you can add a short hat and why not the sleeveless down jacket of the first look to finish this set.

3. Urban Camouflage

If there is a pattern that is overrepresented in streetwear, it is the camouflage! Whether you're a skater, graffiti artist or hip-hop dancer, it's the ultimate urban motif. That said, there's no need to cover your outfit completely, but rather play it subtle and sparingly. And since most men's clothing has been covered with camouflage at least once, it's easy to swap out one piece for another to add variety.

To start, we pick among the men's jeans a fairly large model, carrot cut and raw. To that, we add a pair of black leather sneakers. The navy sweater is unbleached and plain. We finish by covering it with a jungle jacket covered with the camouflage used by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. The most: find a model of the 70s, with a patch or even several and a beautiful customization of the period.

4. Lords of Dogtown" inspiration

look skater Le Minor

We finish with one of the most inspiring streetwear trends: the world of skateboarding. An ultra-rich male subculture, divided into a multitude of styles, it is without a doubt one of the richest stylistically speaking.

Here again, we don't ask you to be the most acclaimed pro skateboarder by the crowds. But just to take some codes! Here, the spirit of the look is undeniably casual. We choose the navy sweater in its classic shade, navy blue, and plain. Underneath, we slip a t-shirt of a leading rock band of the 90s (if possible, a model drawn from the originals). The pants will be obviously a jean, rather wide and slightly torn. On the feet, we opt for canvas sneakers or sneakers models a little more imposing. Finally, we add to this outfit a coach jacket of the color we want and the trick is done.

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