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The casual chic look with a navy sweater

To best define casual-chic, the simplest way to describe it is to say that this men's style combines elegance and casualness as easily as possible. In other words, it picks up pieces from both worlds here and there and combines them to create outfits that are balanced between the two styles. That said, it's hard not to imagine that the casual chic look is compatible with a navy sweater. Let's see how:

1. The casual-chic, more than a style: a state of mind

look casual chic en pull marin

Before starting the style part, it seems important to clearly define what casual-chic is. It is made up of two words: casual and chic (until then, no mistake!). The casual encompasses the entirety of a casual wardrobe. It includes shorts, t-shirts but also canvas sneakers, joggers, short-sleeved shirts, etc.

Conversely, chic focuses on elegance. Obviously, this term is more difficult to define since a chic piece will be for one person but not necessarily for the other. It will not necessarily be the perfect sophisticated gentleman's outfit, or the total look of the dandy, nor a hipster outfit. To put it simply, the most chic piece of a wardrobe is a suit. And the other chic pieces are those that gravitate around the different suits of a wardrobe: the hat, the bow tie, the suspenders, the cane, the pants, etc.

The casual-chic is therefore the synthesis of these two genres. Moreover, it has several advantages. The first is that it is easily recognizable. Thus, even a person who is not attracted to clothing will know that you are "well dressed". It is also the style of first impressions: first date, first Sunday chicken at our in-laws, job interview, etc.

It is also accessible, even for novices. The combination of navy blazer, light blue shirt, jeans and sober sneakers is easily reproducible. It's also hard to go wrong when you decide to wear a casual-chic outfit. The choice of pieces evolving in two complementary styles allows a multitude of choices.

Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind two things if you don't want to miss a casual-chic style. The first is to avoid as much as possible a too bland set: leaving on too classic pieces can quickly make lose interest in a casual-chic outfit. It is therefore better to raise it by choosing colorful accessories!

Also, you have to pay attention to the balance of the outfit. You have to know how to push the cursor on one side or the other (depending on your preference in the end) without going overboard. It is by doing this, by playing with clothes and accessories, that your outfit will stand out and that you will be able to fully express your personality!

2. Casual-chic and navy sweater: instructions for use

pull marin pour un style casual chic

The good thing about the navy sweater is that it is equally at home in a casual or chic style. It is therefore the perfect piece for a casual-chic set! And we start with a simple set and easily declined. We choose a navy blue sweater, a classic and effective base. Underneath, a light blue shirt is more than welcome.

To go with that, we choose a beige chino pants with pinches. To the feet, we opt for a pair of white sneakers in plain leather and very sober. As accessory, we opt for a beautiful tartan scarf in the navy and English green tones. Finally, we select among all the coats that includes the ready-to-wear men, a trench or a navy blue mac. A dressed set that is part of the basic outfits of a good dressing.

Another outfit, still with a navy blue sweater, but with white stripes this time. We slip under it a white five pockets pants, that we cut at the level of the ankles. For the shoes, the best is to select a nice pair of moccasins, in smooth leather or skin turned. Among the pieces that best blend into elegant and chic ensembles, the jacket is the figurehead. Obviously, not all jackets work in this outfit. So we leave on a destructured model, with patch pockets, which recalls the dolce vita side of the sprezzatura style.

The last outfit we propose uses a plain ecru navy sweater. It is covered by a bomber in camel skin. For the pants, we opt for a straight raw jean and slightly tightened at the ankles. For the feet, it is with the choice: a pair of chelsea or derbies, as long as it is in nubuck camel, as the jacket. We add to this a very nice silk scarf and we get a modern casual-chic set.

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