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5 looks with a denim jacket and a navy sweater

veste en jean et pull marin : un look stylé

When we talk about basics of the male wardrobe, we immediately think of clothes like the white T-shirt, the beige chino, the pair of Oxfort or the suit. Pieces that could be described as classic, even wise. However, among all these basics, there is one that is quite the opposite: the denim jacket. Invariably associated with rock culture, the denim jacket is a fashion staple and is as comfortable in a very street outfit as in a dressier ensemble. This versatility allows it to be easily associated with many pieces, such as the navy sweater for example. We suggest 5 different outfits with these two key pieces of ready-to-wear for men:

1. The all-purpose outfit

And we start with a simple and effective outfit, which works in most situations. The idea here is to have a timeless outfit that can follow us for years without taking a wrinkle.

Central piece of the look, it is essential to choose the navy sweater first. And to avoid false notes, we select it in its classic version, namely navy blue with white stripes. Over it, a bleached denim jacket is the best option, because it creates a harmonious contrast on the upper part of the body. For the cut, it's up to you: oversized or slim fit, choose the shape you prefer.

For the pants, again, it's classic! Beige or olive, the chino breaks the sometimes too rough side that denim and wool of a navy sweater can have. Rolled up and chosen in a straight cut, it brings color to the bottom of the outfit.

On the feet, it's hard not to think of a nice little pair of canvas sneakers. White is the color of choice, but turning to a beautiful old blue can also be an excellent choice. For accessories, a helmet bag will do the trick. Add to that a miki and you have a timeless outfit with a casual style.

2. A total rock n' roll look

If we mainly see the denim jacket in its traditional indigo, think of it in another color can bring a certain freshness to an ensemble.

For the jacket, the choice is therefore rather limited: it is black (obviously) and close to the body. Underneath, the navy sweater has more freedom: it can be plain navy or white stripes or plain ecru. Either you want an almost monochrome top, or you want to create contrast, it's up to you!

For the bottom, we pick among the many jeans of our dressing room a black and relatively slim model. On the feet, impossible to avoid a pair of Chelsea boots in suede! It is chosen in black to continue this dark side of the outfit or in cognac to, following the example of the ecru navy sweater, come to contrast with the pants. A pair of glasses in acetate tortoiseshell and the trick is played.

3. Sleeveless but not without style

For this third look, the denim jacket is amputated of its two sleeves to be transformed into a vest! We choose it in a nice patina, the one that shows that the jacket has lived. For a change, we opt for a plain navy sweater, which we can either slip directly under the jean jacket, or associate with a grey hooded zipped jacket in fleece.

One then dresses its legs of a beautiful raw jean well right to give an authentic look. And we accompany it with a pair of smooth leather work boots cognac. In accessories, we would have told you to take a chopper but it is more reasonable to advise you a hat! A perfect outfit for mid-season, with character. It may seem difficult to wear but we have only one thing to say: dare!

4. City Sherpa

The problem with the denim jacket is that it is considered a light jacket! Fortunately, its winter version, lined with a sherpa fleece, allows us to wear our favorite jacket even when temperatures are close to 0°C.

To go to the simplest, we choose this sherpa in a slightly washed blue. Underneath, it is the navy sweater that will be able to be chosen in almost any declination: plain navy blue, navy blue with stripes, plain ecru or ecru with stripes, it doesn't matter, everything works!

In addition to the a little too classic raw denim, you can select as pants a corduroy model, either dark brown, ocher or orange. On the feet, the mountain boots impose themselves. Wearing a denim jacket has never been so stylish!

5. The elegant outfit

Very often, jeans and elegance rarely go together. However, it is quite possible to make a dressy outfit with a denim jacket, the proof!

The choice of the jacket is essential. It must be fitted and plain, so preferably raw. We avoid details like fake rips or pins, it is clearly not the spirit of the outfit. The navy sweater is either plain or with white stripes, as long as it is navy blue.

For the pants, we opt for a model in wool fluid. Its cut is carrot and if it has darts, it is a significant plus. The color is the choice: night blue or gray anthracite. On the feet, pairs of black boots in smooth leather or loafers will do the trick. Add to that a light grey scarf and you have a nice elegant and modern outfit.

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