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Trendy with a blazer and a navy sweater

The blazer is worn on all occasions. A true basic in the men's wardrobe, it is a bit like the little black dress in the women's wardrobe: an essential. Anchored in the world of sartorial and synonymous with elegance, the blazer has however several facets, which allows it to be as comfortable in a formal ensemble as casual outfits. This versatility allows him to match with many pieces from our wardrobe, including the navy sweater. Today, we see how to best combine these two strong pieces:

1. A smart and refined outfit with a chic jacket

Une tenue habillée et raffinée avec une veste chic

The main idea of an elegant outfit is to propose a set that is subtle and clearly not flashy. So forget about bright colors and flashy patterns, it's all about finesse!

We choose a fitted suit jacket, plain in a sober color like navy blue or charcoal gray or with a light pattern like the window pane. The latter must be very slightly contrasting to bring relief to the jacket. The sweater is then selected according to our preference: plain or striped, as long as it is navy blue. Only point to keep in mind here: avoid stripes with the check pattern, which could overload the outfit.

For the pants, we have several choices. If we chose a plain blazer, it is possible to go on a plaid pants, like a nice tartan that mixes yellow, red green and navy blue or a Prince of Wales. Conversely, if you have chosen a plaid blazer, you can opt for a nice light gray flannel pants to bring a nice contrast.

On the feet, and whatever the version for which we opted, we choose for a pair of black eyelet boots, flowered if possible! As accessories, a beautiful pair of glasses and a long scarf will largely do the trick.

2. A casual-chic outfit

Une tenue casual-chic en blazer

Of course, the blazer is not strictly reserved for the most formal outfits in our wardrobe. It is quite possible to integrate it into less formal outfits. The idea here is to take the blazer out of its comfort zone.

As we used it for the dressier outfit, we will avoid choosing a blue blazer here. And rather than leaving on a cold wool, it is better to leave on a mixed wool, which gives more body to the whole. What's more, it allows to combine two shades, such as gray and black, giving then a feeling of pattern. The cut of the jacket will be relatively loose without falling into the oversize. Underneath, a plain navy blue sweater brings an interesting contrast.

To definitely break the too formal side of the blazer, we slip in the outfit a jeans that we choose voluntarily light. On the feet, a nice pair of leather sneakers comes to support the casual side of the outfit.

3. Gentleman farmer sailor

look Gentleman farmer marin

A third outfit, more heritage, is possible by combining blazer and sailor sweater. The idea here is to be inspired by British farmers. And for that, a material comes immediately to mind: tweed!

This wool blend is ideal for a blazer with character. Generally oscillating between brown and beige shades, the jacket pushes us to turn to an ecru navy sweater. Preferably chosen in ecru, we can be tempted by its version with navy blue stripes. But beware of the overload of patterns!

From there, we turn then almost naturally to a brown corduroy pants. And it is quite normal! We take it relatively loose to be well at ease in it and slightly narrowed at the level of ankles. Otherwise, it is also possible to turn to a straight olive cargo pants. We can also imagine a velvet jacket instead of tweed!

On the feet, several choices are available to us. Obviously, and to continue in this spirit "farmer heritage", we can turn to workboots in smooth cognac leather. We can also think of combat boots high enough, which combine eyelets and hooks. Add to all this a shoulder bag and a pair of leather gloves and you get an authentic look that is out of the ordinary. So, dare the gentleman farmer style!

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