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How to wear the overshirt over a navy sweater

The overshirt is undoubtedly one of the most present garments in the men's wardrobe since the late 2010s. It has become a real must-have for men and has the particularity of being multi-faceted, of being easily worn with everything and of adding a little extra to any outfit. Obviously, its sometimes raw and slightly workwear side allows it to be a piece of choice when it comes to having an extra layer over our sweaters and especially our navy sweater. There is no shortage of associations, so let's see how to wear an overshirt on a navy sweater:

1. A monochrome outfit

Surchemise et look monochrome

The idea here is to create a subtle, elegant and modern outfit while remaining in the same color code. As a base, we choose a plain navy blue sweater. Over it, the color of the overshirt can be either black, to create a very slight contrast, or navy blue. The cut is voluntarily loose to give volume to the upper part of the outfit and have a certain freedom of movement.

For the pants, we choose a loose piece, with a straight cut or a carrot cut. You can choose either a carpenter pant or a fatigue pant, the goal being to have a loose and comfortable piece. There is a good number of pants of this kind, then to you to find the one which you prefer! Only one possible color here though, navy blue of course. Finally, the bottom of the pants will be rolled up to reveal the pair of shoes.

We finish the outfit with a pair of canvas sneakers, white or unbleached, type Conserve to break the homogeneity of the set. As an accessory, a large ecru canvas totebag is a reminder of the pair of shoes.

2. A colorful and patterned outfit

surchemise et look coloré

Here, for the base, we have the choice. We can either start on a navy blue sweater with white stripes, or opt for a plain and unbleached version. The choice of the overshirt depends on that of the sweater, the possibilities are again multiple.

The sweater is navy blue with stripes? Then the overshirt is plain, olive or bright yellow. The sweater is ecru? Then we opt for an overshirt with gingham, tartan or houndstooth checks. For the color, navy blue, gray, brown and orange will be preferred.

Let's go to the bottom! Obviously, whether we chose a striped or plain sweater affects the selection of pants. For the first option, we can prefer a jean. Slightly patinated, we can then associate it with a pair of sneakers in the retro style. For the second one, it's better to start with a pair of canvas pants like cargo. For the color, the choice is free: olive, black, gray, as long as it offsets the pep of the top of the set.

3. A sober, deceptively casual outfit

tenue décontractée en surchemise

For this third outfit, the overshirt should be seen more as a jacket, or even an overcoat. We choose it in a nice olive green or navy blue, two shades that are easily and pleasantly associated with a navy blue sweater with stripes. Underneath, you can slip a long-sleeved shirt, white or sky blue stripes, which will slightly exceed the cuffs and waist.

The little subtlety: choose a Mao collar! It fits perfectly with the collar of the sweater and can discreetly protrude. The other collars of shirts are to be proscribed and we take care especially to choose a cotton shirt for an optimal thermoregulation.

For the pants, we have the choice. At first, it is possible to choose the most worn male piece: the jeans. Raw or slightly bleached it does not matter, as long as its cut is straight. But a chino can also be worn! On the feet, a pair of boots or sneakers will do the trick.

As a second choice, we have another classic of men's ready-to-wear: the chino. If its original sand color is the most suitable here, it is not impossible to replace it by a nice olive. The pants can also be cut at the malleolus or simply rolled up, for a stylish and casual style. On the feet, a pair of penny loafers or deck shoes will finish this outfit with a slight Ivy accent.

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