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Total spring look: the trench coat with the navy sweater

When we think of spring, our thoughts are filled with flowers, bees gathering and birds chirping. We can already imagine removing the extra layers of clothing that winter forced us to wear. Except that the mild morning sun can quickly give way to a sudden downpour, taking away our desire to bask in the sun and the few degrees that we had just gained with difficulty. To alleviate this problem, the trench coat is one of our best allies for the mid-season and the bad weather that can accompany it. This timeless, chic and elegant raincoat has not aged in more than a century of existence and imposes itself each season as a reference. But what gives a timeless men's dressing associated with another timeless? Let's see what outfits we can create with a classic essential coat and a navy sweater:

1. A simple, elegant and effective outfit

le trench : indispensable du printemps

The very first look that we can imagine with a trench coat and a navy sweater uses the basic versions of both pieces. For the trench coat, it is obviously in its beige color that we choose. The navy sweater is navy blue and plain. Same rate for the pants, that we will choose in a beautiful cotton canvas and semi-slim.

Then, the choice of the pair of shoes is relatively broad and will be to adapt according to the weather. Is the weather nice? A pair of smooth leather or brown/beige suede loafers or a pair of white canvas sneakers. The weather is temperamental? We opt for a nice pair of black brogues. In the end, no matter what shoes you choose, you'll have an elegant, basic and wearable outfit for all occasions.

Of course, it is possible to modify some pieces to give a more casual style to the whole. We stay on a beige trench coat that serves as a reference in the outfit and we swap the plain color of the navy sweater for a navy blue with stripes. The canvas pants are replaced by jeans.

Chosen raw, we will gladly associate it with a pair of cognac boots. Taken in a lighter shade, we will turn more easily to a pair of plain white sneakers, for a side a little more sportswear.

2. A basic coat with the point of the fashion

trench coat et pull marin : indispensables du printemps

The trench coat as we know it may be over a hundred years old, but that doesn't stop it from occupying a place of choice in the latest trends. Today, it is no longer rare to see this coat transformed in order to be brought up to date. And lately, it left aside its classic cut to opt for oversize, the big trend of these last seasons.

Dropped shoulders and wide sleeves, it reinvents itself to follow the latest fashion trends. It will be chosen without lining and relatively light, to give a feeling of fluidity and lightness. The coolest of chic coats will remain open to maximize the effect.

If its classic beige color is obviously to be considered, it is more interesting to turn to models in less used colors like elephant gray or taupe. The plain is no longer mandatory and a trench coat with checks is quite possible! The navy sweater can then be chosen in plain ecru or navy blue, also plain. The pants, to balance with the cut of the trench, will also be relatively loose and fluid. This one will fall on a beautiful pair of sneakers with wide soles for a successful modern style.

3. An outfit with a nod to the origins of the trench coat

chic et intemporel : le trench

As its name suggests, the trench coat was first used in the trenches during the First World War. Worn first by officers, it was then adopted by the entire British army for its lightness, waterproofing and practicality.

You can then choose it in its original color and therefore opt for a beige trench coat. But it is more interesting stylistically speaking to select a khaki, which will be associated with a navy sweater, plain or striped. The pants are then found: a straight cargo, also khaki. We will then finish the outfit with a pair of smooth brown leather work boots for a successful military total look.

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