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Look idea: the navy sweater with a shirt

le pull marin avec une chemise

Given the particular shape of the collar of the navy sweater, it is sometimes difficult to imagine slipping under a shirt. And yet, it is quite possible to mix the two pieces, as long as you respect some points. Between the choice of the collar style, but also the width of its points through its opening, it is possible to wear a shirt under your navy sweater, the proof:

1. Discreet and elegant with a Mao or officer collar

chemise col mao et pull marin

These are undoubtedly the two easiest collar styles to wear with a navy sweater because of their particular shape. Indeed, they fit perfectly the shape of the collar of the sweater and add a thickness with which it is interesting to play.

The idea here is to make the collar protrude very slightly in order to have a thin border just above the sweater. The choice of the material, but also the color and the patterns of the shirt is quite wide since it depends mainly on the color of the navy sweater: a white or sky blue Oxford shirt for a navy sweater, a blue and white striped pinpoint shirt for an ecru sweater, etc. This collar detail can also be reproduced at the cuff level. Thus, it is possible to let the shirt slightly exceed this level. The cotton shirt is obviously adjusted and tucked into the pants. The base of the outfit finished, let's see what can be added.

Whether it is with a navy blue sweater with white stripes or an ecru with navy blue stripes, the other pieces of the outfit are similar. So we leave on a slightly washed jeans that we associate with a pair of white canvas sneakers. Over the sweater, we throw on our shoulders a nice navy blue destructured blazer with patch pockets. The result is a nice outfit for men, basic and timeless, subtly elegant and deceptively casual, ideal for the office as well as for a night out.

2. 100% workwear

chemise workwear et pull marin

A clothing style that is becoming more and more popular, workwear finds its originality by drawing the pieces that make it up from the professional wardrobe. Military, carpenter, painter, or mechanic, each profession sees its universe transposed into the everyday world thanks to one or more pieces.

For this outfit, we choose the traditional version of the sailor sweater: navy blue with white stripes. Underneath, we slip a light denim shirt, to create a nice contrast. We can even imagine leaving the buttoning of the sweater open to let appear more the shirt. Piece that can be replaced by a plaid shirt!

The collar of the long sleeve shirt is a classic collar and is slipped under the sweater. As for the previous outfit, you can let it slightly exceed the level of the cuffs. For the pants, several choices are possible. We can for example opt for a chino double darts to the carrot cut or leave on a model with a thick canvas. In any case, it will be selected in a color oscillating between light brown and beige. For the feet, our choice is a nice pair of workboots.

Finally, the addition of a jacket over the sweater can clearly be considered. Some choices are possible and will be made according to the tastes of each. And the first piece to think about is an olive jungle jacket. Another possible choice, a thick lumberjack check jacket with a straight cut. Finally, a nice chocolate colored A2 type leather can fit perfectly with this outfit.

3. Welcome to the club

Among the wide range of collars that a shirt can wear, the club collar is one of those that are not well represented. A distant cousin of the feminine claudine collar, this round collar is nonetheless very interesting when it is used wisely.

And for this shirt collar to be highlighted as much as possible, it will be worn over the sweater! Often presented in a contrasting way, we opt here for a plain version with the rest of the shirt. Shirt that we choose in a nice light blue cotton. The slim fit of the shirt allows it to slip easily under a plain navy sweater.

For the pants, and to keep an elegant aesthetic, we opt for a slim fit. To this, we add a flannel fabric, preferably gray. According to our tastes, we turn either to a plain, or one with discreet patterns, as the foot of flea for example. Beautiful shoes then come to finish the bottom of the outfit. We think then of a pair of black derbies or a pair of boots, also black.

4. Modern retro

It is a fact, the male wardrobe is full of shirts for men. However, wearing a shirt can sometimes be a headache! To not make a mistake, just start with a piece with a classic collar: the French collar.

If it is often mounted on a chic shirt and is therefore invited in dressy outfits, it is possible to circumvent this and integrate it into different styles. Moreover, its main asset comes from its shape, which allows it to be placed elegantly on most sweaters of the men's dressing. To best associate it with a navy sweater, we then opt for a relatively tight neckline and button the last button.

The navy blue sweater with white stripes and the white shirt. For a modern style, we select a relatively long shirt that is made to exceed the sweater, at the waist and cuffs. Among all the models of pants which exist, one selects a model in wool fluid navy and ample. Pants that we make fall nonchalantly on a pair of white leather sneakers. An outfit for the daring men who look for the novelty.

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