<< 3 vestes à associer avec un pull marin en 2022

3 jackets to pair with a navy sweater in 2022

Discover the 3 jackets of the women's wardrobe to match with the navy sweater in 2022

Jackets are one of the essential fashion pieces that go with every woman's look.
There are an infinite number of jackets, but the main ones in the women's wardrobe in 2022 remain the blazer, the denim jacket and the overshirt. These are timeless and basic pieces that can be worn in all possible and unimaginable ways. Therefore, wearing one of these jackets with a navy sweater is quite possible, to be modern and feminine whatever the style. We are going to decline preppy, casual chic or workwear silhouettes by composing 3 looks around the navy knit with these 3 jackets as essential as different.


The blazer is one of the leading jackets for women. It is a long jacket with crossed buttonholes. Although it has become a basic part of women's wardrobe, this piece has taken a long time to establish itself as such. Several stories circulate about its origins. There is talk of the jackets worn by the Cambridge University sailing team in the 1820s. There is also mention of the double-breasted jackets worn by the crew of the ship HMS Blazer when Queen Victoria visited the ship in 1837. In all cases, the origin of this garment is in the maritime world. The wearing of the jacket begins to appear in women with the first tweed jacket created by Coco Chanel in the 1920s. The women, in search of emancipation, and having replaced the men during the First World War begin to draw pieces in their wardrobe.


It is in the 50s that the blazer becomes popular. First with the mods, these British teenagers who listened to modern jazz. That's where the name "mods" comes from. They customized their uniform jackets to make them more fashionable.

It is to Yves Saint-Laurent, in the 60s, that we owe the arrival of the blazer in the women's dressing. His Navy Look collection in 1962 and the introduction of a blazer in the women's smocking of his 1966 collection marked the introduction of the women's blazer in the history of Couture.

The blazer had its moment of glory in the 80s, the years of the Working Girl when women invaded the business world and began to achieve positions equal to those of men.

Today the blazer is a must-have. It goes perfectly with a navy sweater because they have the same marine origins.

We suggest a simple and casual look, with our ecru navy sweater. Slip it over a short denim skirt. Pair it with a navy blue long blazer. On your feet, wear patent loafers with tassels.

You can also play on color contrasts by opting for a colorful blazer. Our ecru sweater with a red blazer and jeans or a white blazer or navy tartan, our yellow knit and gray pants. To avoid thickening your figure, we recommend choosing our fine knits like our 12 gauge merino sweaters, which can be worn like a second skin.


The denim jacket is a must-have piece in a woman's wardrobe. It brings a dose of cool to any look with its casual style. This jacket is a symbol of American culture. It has its origins in the work clothes of the workers of the late 19th century. It is therefore part of the workwear style that advocates a return to simple and durable clothing, often from the world of work (workers, lumberjacks ...). It is the brand Levi Strauss, now Levi's, which created the first denim jacket in 1880. Intended for the workers, the railroaders, it is popularized in the cinema by the cowboys in the westerns. Thus, the popular culture seizes it, from the hippies of the 60s to the rappers of the 90s.


The combination of navy sweater and denim jacket is a safe bet. We don't think much about associating them, because one symbolizes America, and the other is the symbol of a French elegance. Although uncommon, wearing these two workwear basics ensures a balanced and cool style.

At Le Minor, we like to make a statement. We suggest you integrate the denim jacket and the navy sweater in a total denim look. Choose the authentic Levi's jacket and wear it with our unbleached merino wool sweater. To balance the silhouette, choose a pair of wide-leg jeans with boots for a rocker look, or with tropezian shoes for a mid-season warm-cold look.

You can also try this more feminine variation of the look. The denim jacket is then worn over our striped sweater with a pleated skirt and small white sneakers.

It is possible to choose an offbeat version with a colored denim jacket. Stay classic and take a white or black denim jacket. Put on our red sweater and black skinny jeans. Put on fringed suede boots or camel Ugg boots and you're done!


The overshirt is a piece very present these last seasons. It can be worn as a jacket, over a navy sweater. The association of the overshirt and the navy sweater is a modern and accessible proposal, in addition to guaranteeing you to be well warm.

Les origines de la surchemise

The origins of the overshirt are military, although it is not known exactly when it first appeared. Unlike other workwear pieces, however, it is a garment that was born not during the industrial era but in the 20th century. It is making a comeback in both men's and women's wardrobes. Less formal than a jacket or blazer, the overshirt is a hybrid garment halfway between the safari jacket and the shirt.

Looser and thicker than a simple shirt, it is characterized by its patch pockets on the chest. This utilitarian detail allowed the military and then the workers, for whom this piece was created, to have their small objects within reach, while having their hands free for their maneuvers.

The casual aspect of the overshirt allows to create casual chic looks. The loose fitting and durable nature of the shirt makes it very practical for everyday use. Therefore, layering it over a navy sweater, close to the body, remains accessible even if you are not a layering pro.

A modern and feminine version is to wear an ochre plaid overshirt over our navy blue sweater. For the bottom, you can wear a washed denim miniskirt and white sneakers. A jaunty cap will complete your outfit to give you an extra touch of style.

The masculine look of the overshirt is ideal for creating a boyish look. A red and black plaid overshirt, an unbleached navy knit and straight jeans with a frayed hem or raw or faded black slim fit, black lace-up boots and you've got an androgynous, modern and casual look!

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