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Timeless: adopt the denim jacket over your navy sweater

All our tips for wearing the denim jacket over a navy sweater.


It's natural to pair the denim jacket with your navy sweater. Indeed, they both have workwear roots and were originally not fashion pieces but workwear. The Levis brand invented blue jeans in 1873 to dress lumberjacks, miners and railroad workers. In 1880, the brand launched its first denim jacket. Created to match its already mythical pants, it has three pleats on each side of the buttonhole which gives it its name, the Triple Pleat Blouse Jacket.

It has the same material as the pants, a thick denim fabric, as well as rivets to ensure the strength of the wear points. Levis manufactures several models of jacket. This workwear is both light to wear and strong to withstand the harsh working conditions of those who wear it. The ultimate model of denim jacket created by Levis, was born in 1967, after several evolutions of the original model. It is the iconic Trucker Jacket, which features numerous yellow stitching lines, six buttons and two chest pockets with flaps.

Its very tight fit appealed to the stars of the time who took it and thus participate in its immense popularity. From the hippies who wear it to divert the codes of the American Way of Light, as a sign of protest, to the first rappers who choose to wear it in an oversized way, the denim jacket seduces and adapts to all styles becoming a basic and timeless garment. Just like the navy sweater. Here are our tips for wearing your denim jacket over a navy sweater in a feminine style, a casual chic outfit or a more streetwear proposal.

3 jackets to pair with a navy sweater in 2021

In feminine, in denim jacket and navy sweater


For this look, we choose our ecru sweater that we associate with a long fluid skirt printed leopard. A simple fitted jacket in light denim brings the desired note of timelessness. It is also possible to choose a denim jacket a little more worked, with patches and pins on the front for a simple version or with an excessive embroidery in the back. For shoes, we will choose white sneakers, simple and effective. You can wear rhinestone sunglasses to embellish this outfit as well as a fringed bucket bag to bring a note of bohemia.

Another option is to wear an ecru mid-length denim jacket belted at the waist but worn open over its navy blue knit. White flare jeans, brown leather sandals or black pumps, a shoulder bag and a bib are the ideal complements to this very feminine outfit.

Casual chic with denim jacket and navy sweater


Here again, we choose to wear our white sweater over a seersucker shirt with thin vertical stripes in baby blue. On the bottom, we choose a tight white jean, subtly torn on one knee and associated with low heeled boots, in beige suede. On our shoulders, we slip on a faded and fitted denim jacket whose sleeves we raise to reveal a pretty cuff. An elegant beige or black leather bag will be the cherry of this casual chic outfit.

It is also possible to combine a raw denim jacket with our red navy sweater worn with gray flannel pants or straight pants ⅞ with small red checks. For this formal proposal, ideal for the office, we will choose to wear pumps on our feet.

Streetwear: a certain idea of the denim jacket and navy sweater.

Look streetwear en VESTE EN JEAN ET PULL MARIN

Here we combine our charcoal wool sweater with an oversized denim jacket that barely covers short shorts, also in denim, with a frayed hem.
On the feet, we can wear either big high top sneakers or sturdy Dr Martens. Let's throw a cap on our head and slip a hard bucket bag over our shoulder to complete this streetwear yet feminine look.

The oversized denim jacket can also be easily worn with jogging pants and sneakers for a less formal approach. A striped navy sweater will bring a little relief to this look and a branded bob associated with a shoulder bag will be the right accessories for this other streetwear proposal.

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