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I adopt a rock'n roll look with my navy sweater

Discover how to rock'n roll with a navy sweater, by combining it with a perfecto.

un look rock'n roll en pull marin

If you want to rock 'n roll with your navy sweater, the perfecto is the jacket for you. Let us tell you the story of this iconic biker jacket.

The story of the perfecto begins with brothers Irving and Jack Schott, Russians who emigrated to the United States and started their clothing company in their New York apartment. During the 1920's, motorcycles became popular in the United States. The motorcycle jackets were then aviator jackets, acquired in military surplus. The Schott Brothers decided to manufacture this type of jacket to meet the demand. Their jackets are made of horse leather, because the aviator jackets were made of this material during the war and there were still stocks not used by the army.

In 1928, the Harley-Davidson store on Long Island ordered a rugged, weatherproof jacket that would withstand a fall. Irving Schott designed a model while smoking his favorite cigars: the Perfecto. This is how he named his jacket, which he made from cowhide, stronger than horsehide. This leather jacket is the first to be equipped with a zipper, just like the Lee jeans which were equipped with it for a decade. This sturdy and practical biker jacket still has the slightly oversized shape of the aviator jackets.

After the Second World War, many returning soldiers found an outlet in motorcycle clubs. This period saw the rise of the motorcycle and urban rodeos made famous on the screen in the movie Wild Bunch in 1953. Marlon Brando, the irreverent and free-spirited leader of a group of young bikers, proudly wears a perfecto. The young people seize this garment which soon adorns the back of the most rebellious among them: the rockers. Whether it is James Dean in La Fureur de Vivre, Elvis on his Harley, or the "blousons noirs" in France of which Johnny is the standard-bearer, the perfecto becomes a protest garment. So much so that it was banned in most American and English high schools during the 1950s.

During the 60's, the silhouette of the perfecto changed a bit to become more fitted and supple thanks to cowhide leather. This more fragile leather is less adapted to motorcycle riding, which gives a more fashionable dimension to the perfecto than utilitarian clothing. This is how this little jacket took the shape we know today. The punk movement seized it during the 70s and scandalized on the back of the Sex Pistols or the Ramones.
but as you can see, it is always worn by men.

It was born in women's fashion in 1991, when the photographer Peter Lindbergh made a shooting for Vogue where Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell wear it. In the 2000s, it has a renewed popularity thanks to the rock model and rebel Kate Moss.
Wearing the perfecto with a navy sweater will allow you to have a rock 'n' roll attitude in everyday life, to be sexy and even to remain feminine.


perfecto et pull marin

The perfecto is easily worn in everyday life. Slip on a black perfecto over our ecru sweater. Wear black jeans, skinny jeans or straight jeans with high heeled boots or Dr. Martens. It's a simple look to wear every day.

If you want to add a stronger dose of rock, you can customize your perfecto with pins and badges or choose a studded perfecto. In this case, pair it with faded or ripped jeans; or cut it at the ankles so the hem frays slightly.

Another option is to choose accessories that contribute to the rock effect of the outfit: biker boots, studded boots or a black suede and fringed messenger bag. A gavroche like Brando wears in L'Équipée Sauvage will be the ultimate accessory.


sexy en pull marin et perfecto

You can also wear the perfecto and the navy sweater in a sexy way. Choose a black perfecto and wear it with our white sweater with two navy and red stripes. Combine them with a miniskirt and suede thigh-high boots.

You can also choose a red perfecto to wear with a charcoal navy knit, short shorts and high leather boots or red stilettos.



You can also wear the perfecto in a softer, more feminine way by pairing a brown nubuck perfecto with an ecru or light gray sweater. Add to this ensemble a long flowing skirt with a print, be it floral or leopard print. On your feet, you will wear chocolate or garnet leather boots and a small circular bag will be worn on your shoulder to accessorize this rock and feminine outfit.

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