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How to wear a navy sweater with a blazer

Discover how to combine a blazer with a navy sweater for a feminine look

pull marin et blazer

The blazer is halfway between a formal suit jacket and a more casual sports jacket. It is worn without matching pants. It is less structured and has a padding less worked than its cousin the suit jacket with which it is often confused. Its origins are multiple but always remain in the maritime field. The straight blazer would have a sporting origin, while the double-breasted blazer would come from the military world.

In 1797, the first Lord of the English Admiralty chose the name of one of his dogs, Blazer, to baptize the first boat of a line. During a visit to one of his HMS Blazer ships in 1837, Queen Victoria noticed the short, double-breasted jacket that the captain had made for his sailors. The style soon spread to other ships, and the jacket began to become a common item of clothing included in the sailors' uniforms.

In Cambridge in 1825, the members of the Lady Margareth Boat Club of Saint John College adopted a jacket made of a bright red fabric called the Blaze, which means fire, torch.

It was Queen Victoria who in 1846 brought naval chic ashore by dressing her four-year-old son, Prince Albert Edward, in a sailor suit. This style will be imitated everywhere and worn by the children of the aristocracy from the 1870s.

The classic blazer of the Royal Navy is double-breasted, dark blue with six gold buttons. It also has two side slits for ease of movement, a small chest pocket and two side pockets. Today, the blazer has become an ultra-trendy piece that can be worn in all looks, from the most chic to the most sportswear. It is revisited in a wide variety of cuts: fitted at the waist, oversized, plain, patterned, with epaulets ... But also in different materials as well as velvet and cotton, tweed, wool or even polyester! So there is an infinite possibility to wear a blazer with a navy sweater. Just play with materials, volumes and patterns. We are going to propose you a typical sailor look, a casual chic look and a more rock look.



The traditional dark blue blazer with gold buttons will be the base of this look. Pair it with our navy and white striped merino wool sweater. For the bottom you can put on white bridge pants or white bridge shorts. To accompany the pants, two small black ankle boots will be very elegant. But if you choose the option of shorts, we will let you choose between navy blue loafers or small derbies of the same color. You can push the sense of detail to wear a sailor cap or better, a boater if the weather allows it. Don't choose a bag that is too "ladylike", but rather opt for a shoulder bag, nonchalantly placed on the shoulder or worn across the chest to bring that nonchalant and independent side that suits the sailor.

Source : Ma petite by Ana on Pinterest



The danger with casual chic is that you can very quickly fall into monotony and blandness. This will not be the case with this look, which mixes and matches prints. To succeed in mixing prints without looking like a clown, it is necessary to associate the colors correctly. Either stay in the same tones, or use complementary colors.

Take for example our navy and red sweater. Put on a blazer with thin vertical red and white stripes. For the pants, the most daring will choose a red tartan and the others can stay in the plain. On the feet, small white tennis shoes like Converse will do the trick.


un look rock en blazer

It was Andy Warhol who launched the blue blazer and jeans combination. But our double-breasted jacket took its real rock dimension with Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and his iconic striped jackets and plain blazers worn in the 60's.
You can infuse a note of rock 'n' roll in your outfit by choosing a blazer with wide vertical stripes over a plain navy sweater. Worn with black skinny jeans, you can even choose it slightly ripped. On your feet, put on black ankle boots with heels and choose a black fringed bag.


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