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Sailor sweater and jeans, the trendy look of the year

Among all the pants that the male dressing contains, there is one that we can hardly do without: the jeans. An essential piece of our wardrobe and a real stylistic masterpiece, wearing jeans has never been as trendy as today. A true iconic piece, it combines perfectly with another must-have, the navy sweater! When two great fashion basics meet, let's see what it gives :

1. The short history of jeans

pull marin et jean

But before getting into the heart of the matter, let's quickly review the history of denim. Although the denim fabric (or twill) takes its name from the city of Nimes where it originates, the tribulations of the jeans begin on the other side of the Atlantic, at Uncle Sam. Obviously, this mythical piece is closely linked to the history of a brand: Levi's.

At its origin, we find a man: Levi Strauss. Born in 1829 in Germany (more precisely in the kingdom of Bavaria), he emigrated to the United States in 1847 and settled in New York. Five years later, he opened a fabric business in California, a region that was hit hard by the gold rush.

In 1872, Jacob Davis, a tailor in Reno, Nevada and a regular customer of Levi Strauss, told him about a process he used to reinforce his customers' pockets: copper rivets. Wanting to patent his invention, Jacob needed a partner to do so and asked Levi to join him. The patent was granted on May 20, 1873. The jean was born. From there, it will dress all the workers of the West Coast of the United States, then of the whole country to finally be exported worldwide.

2. Jeans and navy sweater: a very trendy combo

le jean et le pull marin : 2 basiques qui font la paire

In order for this association to be the most optimal, it is advisable to choose your jeans and your navy sweater in a similar style, a similar spirit. Let's go for a casual look.

The ready-to-wear is rather well supplied in men's jeans, especially in terms of the diversity of cuts. It is therefore easy to find straight jeans with a beautiful washed effect, perfect for this outfit. The light blue denim comes to contrast with a navy blue sweater with stripes, without denoting. We add a pair of canvas sneakers and hop! The turn is played: a perfect basic set. It is also possible to play the card of the total denim look by adding a denim jacket. We choose it in a raw fabric, to avoid the effect "Canadian suit". A casual set but not without style!

Fashion being a perpetual restart, we can also consider a retro style with jeans and a navy sweater! For a 70's revival, we opt for a pronounced bootcut jean, with or without wash. The navy sweater is either plain or striped, as long as it is navy blue. Underneath, we slip a shirt with a French collar, long if possible. Finally, we add a leather jacket and a pair of fine boots and the outfit is finished. It does not have there more than to revise its steps of dance!

Porter un pull marin avec un jean

And if our style is rather rock, no problem. The jeans being an integral part of this universe, it is quite possible to imagine an outfit in this spirit with a navy sweater. We choose then a skinny jean, washed and slightly torn. The sweater is dark blue, without stripes. Over it, we choose the jacket representing at best the rock n' roll spirit: the Perfecto. You are then free to customize the piece by adding patches in the colors of your favorite bands. For the shoes, it's your choice. If we recommend a pair of canvas sneakers, it is quite possible to start on a pair of Chelsea. In smooth black leather or brown nubuck, this pair finishes to establish the rock style of the set.

In the end, with a timeless and timeless in a set, it is difficult to miss his outfit. Whether you opt for a skinny jean or a piece with a straight cut, a raw jean or a light blue jean, the idea is always the same: it works, as long as the two pieces are associated correctly with what we have in our dressing room. Also, it is important to keep in mind that you need to slightly contrast the pieces for a successful result. An outfit with very raw jeans and a plain navy sweater for example will surely be a bit too neutral!

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