<< Conseils mode : 3 vestes à associer avec un pull marin

Fashion tips: 3 jackets to pair with a navy sweater

Despite its status as a basic men's wardrobe, the sailor sweater has a strong personality. A heritage piece full of history, it is often enough on its own in many outfits. However, there may be some situations that justify covering the navy sweater with a jacket: at work, during a wedding or a job interview, etc.. So you have to find the ideal jacket to match with your look to make it a success.

1. I wear my navy sweater with a blazer

blazer et pull marin

And the first piece we propose is the blazer jacket! Both chic and casual jacket, the blazer is a must-have of the French wardrobe. Casual, it can be dressed in fine wool blend as well as thicker fabric such as tweed, be plain or patterned, such as the Prince of Wales for example. It is the chic jacket of this selection!

For the first set, we opt for a refined and dressy outfit. The blazer jacket is fitted and chosen in a sober shade like navy blue with why not a light pattern, like windowpane checks for example. With this, we opt for a navy blue sweater, plain or with white stripes. For the pants, and to break the monochrome side of navy blue, we can choose a piece of dark gray flannel. Finally, we finish the set with a pair of black boots. A timeless outfit, for all occasions.

Another set, more turned to the casual chic. Among the set of jackets of the men's dressing room, we leave aside the suit jacket as well as the suit jacket to focus on the classic blue blazer jacket with a fitted cut, which can be replaced by a cotton jacket if the temperatures are mild. The navy sweater is selected in its traditional version: navy blue with white stripes. With this, we opt for a slightly lighter jeans than the top of the outfit. Finally, we finish the outfit with a pair of white leather sneakers. One of the basic outfits of any good dressing!

The last outfit echoes the ensembles of the British gentlemen farmers. This time, we choose a tweed jacket (if this jacket has too much character for you, it is possible to replace it by a safari jacket). Selected in shades close to brown, the blazer is then perfectly associated with a plain and unbleached navy sweater. From there, it is difficult not to give in to the temptation of velvet pants! Because of its pronounced style, the outfit should be finished with a nice pair of smooth brown leather workboots. To get out of the ordinary, dare the gentleman farmer look!

2. I dare a denim jacket with a navy sweater

Veste en jean et pull marin

Among all the basics of men's ready-to-wear, the denim jacket is a timeless. Worn relentlessly since its creation in the nineteenth century, the denim jacket is the perfect mid-season jacket. With a navy sweater, daring the denim jacket has never been so easy.

As usual, we start with a first outfit easy to wear. Naturally, we turn to a navy blue sweater with white stripes. The sweater is covered by a light and fitted jacket (especially not oversized!) bleached, in order to come to contrast with the sweater. We continue on a classic style by choosing a chino as pants. Beige or olive green it does not matter, as long as it has a straight cut. We associate it with a pair of canvas sneakers type deck shoes to finish to establish the casual and timeless style of this outfit for man.

The second outfit is a total rock n' roll look! We choose the jacket in a dark color, like midnight blue or black. The sweater has the right to more freedom since it is either plain navy blue or stripes or plain ecru. The idea is to know if you want to create contrast on the upper part of the body or not!

For the pants, we choose among the multitude of existing men's jeans a black and slim-fitting model. Finally, as regards the shoes, it is difficult to pass over the famous pair of black suede chelsea boots! We add a pair of sunglasses in tortoise shell and a red bandana tied around the neck and the trick is played. Dare the rock look!

If you want a more sportswear style, wearing a blue denim jacket without sleeves can be the solution. This one allows a nice layering with a light grey zipped hoodie underneath and a plain navy sweater. The pants are either fleece jogging pants in the same color as the hoodie, or a pair of washed out slim jeans. On the feet, a pair of sneakers is a must.

The last outfit with a denim jacket is a very special piece: the sherpa jacket. Bi-material piece mixing denim and cotton lining imitating the fleece of a sheep, it allows to wear the denim jacket more easily when the temperatures start to fall.

So we choose the sherpa in a slightly faded shade. The navy sweater is free to be chosen in any of its declinations, but let's start on a plain ecru model for more clarity. If we can obviously associate it with a raw jean, we will prefer a corduroy model, brown, cognac or even orange! On the feet, and to change what we usually see, we opt for a magnificent pair of mountain boots. A very masculine and stylish outfit!

3. Wear the overshirt over a navy sweater

Surchemise et pull marin

Workwear turned fashion piece, the overshirt has become a timeless basic in men's ready-to-wear. Sometimes worn as a jacket, sometimes as an overcoat, its versatility makes it easy to slip into a dressy or casual outfit. With its straight cut, this long sleeve shirt allows freedom of movement and easily slips over sweaters. Let's see how to wear this light jacket with a navy sweater in a man's outfit.

The first outfit is sober and can fit in the chic outfits of a male wardrobe. The watchword: monochrome. So we choose the plain cotton shirt and navy blue. This shade is also the one of the navy sweater, plain or with white stripes. To give a modern look to the set, we opt for an oversized cut of the shirt. The pants follow the movement and are loose and made in a fluid wool and navy blue, obviously. It can also take the features of a carpenter or a fatigue pant, the goal being to have something comfortable. Depending on the pants, we opt for a pair of white canvas sneakers or a pair of white leather sneakers. Add to that an ecru t-shirt and you get a modern and casual outfit, relatively relaxed and masculine.

The second outfit is the opposite of the first one since it puts on the color and the patterns! This time, we choose an ecru and plain navy sweater. We choose the overshirt with a pattern of your choice: tartan, houndstooth or gingham checks. For the color, it is either navy blue, gray, brown or orange. The pants will be wide enough, like a cargo for example. Again, the choice of color is wide: olive, black or gray, as long as it calms the energy of the top of the outfit.

The overshirt being a good alternative to jackets, it is possible to make elegant sets without necessarily wearing the blazer. For this last outfit, we choose an overshirt in a nice olive green or navy blue. Underneath, we choose a navy blue sweater with white stripes that we associate with a white or light blue striped shirt, which we let exceed at the wrists and waist. And among all the shirts in the men's dressing room, we choose a model with a Mao collar, which discreetly matches the sweater. Then, we choose the king of men's pants: jeans, raw or slightly washed. Finally, we add a nice pair of workboots in smooth cognac leather mounted on a white rubber sole.

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