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Looking good with my navy sweater for a wedding

When you are invited to a wedding and you have to start thinking about the outfit you are going to wear, certain pieces immediately come to mind. Suits, bow ties and maybe even tuxedos, the general dress code for such an event is sometimes too limited and it can be complicated to dress for a wedding. Today we suggest 5 wedding outfits and how to dress differently with the centerpiece, the navy sweater. What to forget to tighten the knot of his tie!

1. Simple and efficient

porter un pull marin pour un mariage

For a wedding, we often want to get dressed up, to make a glamorous ensemble of the most chic. However, it is not necessary to make complicated to obtain an elegant and successful outfit.

The simplest: opt for a navy blue suit. We choose the straight jacket, two buttons, with lapels notched relatively wide and a double slit in the back. Underneath, we slip a nice navy sweater with white stripes to break the uniformity of the set.

The pants are obviously the logical continuation of the jacket, namely a light wool pants navy blue. But it is possible to select some details to give it a real style! Like darts, or even double darts for example, which will immediately give it a dressy side. Another detail that can make its effect: a gurkha belt. The sweater will then be slipped into the pants. Finally, we can imagine a fairly short length for the legs, with or without American fold.

For the feet, it's simple, it's up to your taste! We advise you a pair of white sneakers in smooth leather, plain and elegant, in order to make a good impression at the cocktail party but also to dance until the end of the night. Otherwise, a nice pair of tassel loafers with a wide rubber sole can be a dressy alternative.

And as for accessories, we imagine a nice burgundy clutch in the chest pocket of the jacket, a small zipped leather pocket for our phone and the hotel room key and, finally, a pair of sunglasses if the wedding takes place in summer!

2. A casual wedding

un pull marin pour un mariage décontracté

Sometimes, and as the bride and groom have decided, the wedding we attend can be less formal than usual. Therefore, the suit is not a must. That said, it is not mandatory to arrive in a jogging suit either! Clearly, it is possible to be elegant without two pieces.

So we drop the jacket for ... well nothing at all! The navy sweater is then THE strong piece of the outfit, which must be built around. For an authentic style, we leave then on its navy blue version with white stripes.

To continue in this spirit, we turn to a piece in a beautiful canvas for the pants. Chosen in a straight cut and in a beige color, we will be able to associate it with a pair of straps passed over the sweater. Again, we will slip the latter into the pants.

In this outfit, the shoes play an important role since they finish to establish the style of the set. And in order to continue what we started to build with the sweater and the pants, the most obvious here is to start on a pair of lace-up boots. As accessories, a cap type gavroche will finish this outfit in the best way.

3. Corduroy, straps and boots

un pull marin, velours côtelé, bretelles et bottines

What if we took ideas from the previous two outfits, mixed them together and came up with a whole new outfit? For the spirit of this outfit to work wonderfully, we imagine that the wedding takes place in the middle of autumn, under a canopy mixing gold and orange.

We leave the traditional navy blue to opt for a navy sweater ecru. We can choose it plain but we will prefer it with navy blue stripes. Over it, we throw on our shoulders a corduroy jacket. The color is the choice, going from a golden brown to a strong rust through a chocolate brown. Also, it is essential to choose a blazer type sport, that is to say with patch pockets, two slits in the back and why not beautiful and large lapels.

The pants follow the step of the jacket and also dress in corduroy. You can try the mismatched but better to start on a tone-on-tone (with the jacket then) to avoid any faux pas. Cut carrot, we stop it willingly at the level of the malleolus and we grant him a generous American reverse. For more body, we add a pair of straps.

Then comes the choice of the shoes. And the choice is quickly seen: a pair of boots with eyelets and toe. The leather is smooth or grained, as long as it is in cognac colors. As an accessory, only an elegant wool scarf will be enough to sublimate this romantic set. What an outfit!

4. The marine wedding

Clearly, there are as many themes as there are weddings! If sometimes it borders on the ridiculous, we can often be pleasantly surprised by the spirit chosen by the bride and groom for their wedding. And if it is advisable to respect the imposed theme, nothing obliges us to come dressed up.

This is the case here. Nobody asks you to come with your best Captain Haddock imitation! The result must be both elegant and a nod to the chosen theme. The easiest way to do this is to choose a navy sweater with white stripes. As pants, a light white denim will do the trick.

We choose a relatively straight pants, even wide, to recall for example that of navy officers. And on the feet, a pair of navy boat shoes with white soles is a must!

5. Matching colors

The last outfit is all about color. Be careful though, the idea here is not to multiply the colors, on the contrary! It's better to focus on a bright color and add it in small touches to obtain a successful ensemble.

And for this occasion, we choose the navy sweater not beige or navy blue but green! Over it, a navy double-breasted blazer with gold buttons can be a nice option. Otherwise, a straight navy jacket with two buttons will do the trick.

The pants match the jacket and will be navy blue. Both pieces can be chosen in loose pairs for a modern style. On the feet, a pair of white sneakers will break the overdressed side of the set. And, detail that has its importance, we select a pair of socks of the same color as the sweater!

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