<< Un pull marin dans un look formel

A navy sweater in a formal look

Un look formel en pull marin
The sailor sweater has become a fashion icon because it was not created for fashion. It has become a timeless basic that can be worn on all occasions even the most formal. Find out how.

Can we wear the navy sweater in a formal look? Originally a utilitarian garment, this virgin wool sweater was born fashionable because it was not created for fashion. It transcends all styles and has therefore become a basic and timeless. Therefore, it is quite possible to incorporate it into a formal look. It may seem difficult at first. However, the formal codes have changed and the requirements of etiquette are less strict. Therefore, wearing a navy sweater in a chic and formal setting is perfectly acceptable. For major events, whether it's going to work or to a formal event, such as a wedding, here are some tips to make your navy sweater more precious.


élégance formelle à la française
In 2021, in the professional world, the codes have evolved. It is possible to adopt a formal dress code without looking too stiff.

True workwear, the navy sweater will become your ally to wear to the office. Discover now how to accessorize it to wear it everyday.

A formal and colorful look

If your company's dress code allows it, you can inject a dose of color into your office attire. Pair the yellow navy sweater with a pair of straight 7/8 grey checkered pants. Depending on your preference, you can wear matte black pumps or more comfortable patent ballerina heels.

A classic formal look

For the less daring, a more conventional outfit is possible. Beyond being warm and durable, the basic and form-fitting nature of our knitwear makes it elegant, simple and easy to wear.

For this look, we suggest you use our ecru navy sweater. Wear it with a gray flannel pantsuit. Choose loose fitting pants and slightly roll up the sleeves of the jacket to reveal the bottom sleeves of the sweater. Our navy sweaters are a bit long and tight, so you can tuck the sweater into the pants and emphasize the waistline and the play of proportions (baggy pants/tight sweater) with a wide brown leather belt.

A decidedly feminine formal look

As opposed to the boring skirt suit, you can decide to be resolutely feminine in a skirt to go to work. The pencil skirt is your ideal ally. Choose our authentic navy blue navy sweater, tuck it into a pencil skirt of the same color. You can play on the materials to bring depth to the look, by choosing a leather skirt for example. Highlight your waist with a colorful belt and put on your best pair of pumps. If a jacket is in order, a nude or taupe blazer will do the trick. You should be a sensation!


For weddings, you can wear whatever you want as long as you are beautiful and elegant! Thus, the navy sweater invites itself in your wedding outfits. You just need the right pieces and a few accessories to make it precious and thus integrate it into a refined look.

The navy sweater at a wedding

There are always those winter weddings where you never know what to wear. Dare the navy sweater and to be a chic and unforgettable guest, play the color block.
Match a navy sweater with a festive skirt with a double row of bangs reaching mid-calf
or a ruffled skirt. Pair complementary colors: our green sweater with a burgundy skirt, our yellow sweater with a purple or fuchsia skirt. Bring out your best pumps and a matching minaudiere. You can finalize your outfit by styling your impeccable low bun with a velvet padded headband.
The navy sweater will also be your ally for the end of the evening when it is cool. Remember to coordinate it with your outfit.

Sailor sweater and chic evening

Some evenings are more dressy than others. If you want to go all out for your New Year's Eve party or your company's annual party, go for a glittery look. To avoid the pitfalls of bad taste, marrying black and white is always a safe, simple but effective alliance. Our ecru navy sweater paired with a short black sequin skirt will allow you to be sparkling without overdoing it.
You can wear this outfit with black derbies or ballerinas for a wise look or be more daring by choosing to wear colored or lurex socks in heeled sandals.

A navy sweater for a date

This is your first official date and you want to impress your other half without being overdressed? Why not go for a preppy look with a bit of a twist. Put on the Le Minor 100% wool light grey navy sweater. For the bottom, we let you choose between camel leather shorts or brocade shorts in gold or red tones. Don't forget your black opaque tights and a pair of brown or garnet leather richelieux with heels. For winter, you can finalize this feminine and wise look, by wearing a short cape coat in camel tones.

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