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Wedding: chic in a navy sweater

Discover how to look chic at a wedding by wearing your navy sweater

flamboyante en robe à un mariage

It's entirely possible to look chic wearing your navy sweater to a wedding. To be an ideal guest at a wedding, you have to look good, be chic and presentable. Women's outfits have become more democratic in recent years. Today, we no longer wear only dresses, but also suits, tuxedos, jumpsuits and even pants... It is therefore quite possible to be chic without a dress. As a basic, the navy sweater will fit perfectly in your wedding outfit. Whether you pair it with suit pants, a suit or wear it over a dress or with a skirt, the versatility of this knit will allow you to wear it for a winter wedding or to warm up in the evening.


chic en robe à un mariage

If you're dressing for a winter wedding, brighten up the bridal party by choosing a wrap dress, gold or gold lamé, short or mid-length.

Don't forget to slip your legs into black opaque tights. Choose gold pumps with round toes or red pumps with pointed toes. To protect yourself from the cold, we suggest you wear our navy blue knit or our navy sweater in unbleached merino wool. This second option will bring light to your silhouette. As a bag, a small black clutch with a golden chain will be perfect worn on the shoulder.


moderne en pantalon à un mariage

For this proposal, we will play with colors and materials. Choose our 100% merino sailor sweater in green. For the bottom, we suggest you to counterbalance the rustic aspect and the tightness of the sweater by choosing a wide and fluid pant, in a slightly satin material. Choose a color that complements the green, or a color that matches the sweater: plum, gold, cream or burgundy. If that seems enough, wear simple pumps in the same tones as the pants. The more daring can slip their feet into lurex socks and wear velvet sandals in fir green. A small smooth leather bag, round, in the same color as the pants will bring the final touch. To have already tested it, know that this look will not leave anyone indifferent!


le smoking au féminin : chic

Even if the first women's tuxedo, launched by Yves Saint-Laurent in 1966 created an earthquake in the fashion world, this ensemble is now a timeless for any woman who wants to be chic. Choose a black or navy blue tuxedo. Like any self-respecting tuxedo, the lapels of the jacket will be satin and the pants will have a satin band on each outer side of the legs. Purists will choose a model with long, straight pants. The more modern ones will prefer a flowing, "pajama" style pants or cigarette pants ⅞. Wear with our ecru sweater to bring light. Black and white are anyway an elegant combination in any circumstances. High heeled pumps will bring the dose of femininity to this androgynous silhouette. You can also bring a touch of fantasy by choosing a small bag decorated with ostrich feathers.


l'élégance du kimono

This silhouette is inspired by "invitada ideal," an Instagram subgenre that features guests of rare elegance in Spanish weddings. Choose our red navy sweater and a black midi pencil skirt with fringe or big sequins. Cover your shoulders with a long black velvet kimono, the same length as the skirt. Wear silver pointy pumps and a black faux fur stole. You are the queen of the day... after the bride of course!

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