<< Chic et élégant : le pull marin pour les évènements

Chic and elegant: the navy sweater for events

For a wedding or at the office, the navy sweater is ideal for a chic and elegant look

LE PULL MARIN Pour un mariage ou au bureau

While attending certain events requires us to wear certain outfits, the rules that dictate these outfits have clearly become more relaxed. Today, it is no longer mandatory to wear your best suit to a wedding. Moreover, the notions of elegance are no longer limited to formal pieces. Thus, casual chic can very well be invited to a wedding or to the office. Today, we show you how to dress for these great events, without necessarily using the combo suit and white shirt but rather by opting for a navy sweater Made in France:


Nowadays, dressing well doesn't necessarily mean wearing a two-piece suit or a tuxedo. Fortunately for us, the men's ready-to-wear market is full of clothes and accessories that allow us to create elegant outfits. The navy sweater can be worn every day at the office, so here are some ideas of looks to be elegant at work without having to iron his best white shirt.

For the first, we opt for basic and comfortable pieces. So we have a navy blue and plain sweater (but you can choose a model with stripes style marinière if your working environment allows it). We slip under a white shirt and we associate it with beige chino pants. The cut is up to you but we recommend a straight version with pintucks or a slim fit.
Over the sweater, we choose among our favorite blazers a navy blue (or dark blue) model with a textured material, allowing it to contrast slightly with the sweater. Finally, the choice of the pair of shoes can turn either to a pair of white sneakers in discreet leather, or to a pair of cognac or brown derbies and mounted on a commando sole. A sober masculine outfit with a timeless look for a modern man!


Another outfit that we can imagine, a dressed up and chic style. The navy sweater is selected in its most refined version, namely plain navy blue. Over it, and depending on the season, we add either a charcoal gray flannel jacket or a navy pea coat. The pants are dressed in a beautiful flowing wool, navy blue or gray anthracite. On the feet, it's hard not to opt for a nice pair of moccasins or black derbies. An outfit for elegant men, which can be worn for every occasion without any problem.

One of the latest trends in the men's wardrobe is to steal pieces from the military wardrobe to create new masculine ensembles. For this last outfit, it is an olive green jungle jacket that we steal from the military wardrobe. Jacket created by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, it has the distinction of having several pockets and stop below the belt. Underneath, the navy sweater is unbleached and plain and can be associated with a light denim shirt. For the pants, the ideal is to choose a straight raw jean. Finally, the pair of shoes will be either white leather sneakers or dark brown nubuck derbies.


The cliché that in France, the tuxedo is mandatory for a wedding is over! As fashion trends evolve very quickly, outfits for special occasions have also been modified. It is therefore possible to allow yourself some freedom in the choice of your wedding outfit! The idea is to integrate the navy sweater in a chic and assumed look, without having to take out the tie or the bow tie.

The first men's outfit we propose is made of a queen material of fall and winter: corduroy. It comes in all colors but the one we prefer here is a nice chocolate brown that dresses both the pants and the blazer. The latter has very generous lapels and patch pockets. The pants have a carrot cut, double darts, shortened at the ankle and finished with a nice American fold. The navy sweater is ecru and plain. We finish the set with a beautiful pair of boots with eyelets in grained cognac leather as well as a felt hat and a pair of straps. A beautiful romantic wedding outfit, with a chic and dressy style.

Another look idea, always with a suit. It is chosen in a pretty navy blue color (a dark blue is also possible) as well as in a fluid and light fabric, like Fresco for example. The navy sweater follows the color code of the suit and is navy blue with white stripes type marinière. We opt for a fairly short leg length, which stops at the ankle. On the feet, a pair of sneakers can be an interesting alternative to the classic city shoes. They are moreover ideal to dance without having pain in feet, of the cocktail to the end of the night! You can obviously choose a nice white color but why not go for a brighter shade like a light blue or a pastel yellow? We add to the set a pair of sunglasses and it's done. A timeless set and an ideal outfit for a glamorous wedding.

How to dress in a casual style, according to the dress code of the event? Well, the answer is simple. No more fancy suits and imposing bow ties. Among all the elegant and casual pants that are part of a man's wardrobe, the chino pants are the reference. It is chosen sober, in a beige or ecru color and rather slim. The navy blue sweater with white stripes under which we slip a white shirt. With the chino, we opt for a beautiful pair of smooth brown leather loafers. What an outfit!

In short, the codes of elegance have evolved greatly in recent years. Today, it is no longer mandatory to attend certain events in a suit and these few look ideas are the proof. So gentlemen, we have only one advice to give you: go for it!

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