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When the navy sweater is a streetwear trend

Born from urban cultures, streetwear is popular, cool and casual. However, you can add a subtle touch by incorporating a navy sweater in a feminine streetwear look.

Pull marin et tendance streetwear

King of the catwalks for a few seasons, streetwear never stops evolving. But what are the origins of this style that has imposed itself in our wardrobes? Streetwear, literally street clothing, was born in the 1980s in the United States. It draws its source in urban cultures. Initiated by Californian surfers and skateboarders who needed clothes adapted to their lifestyle, it was taken up and adopted by young people from the New York "neighborhoods" who gave rise to hip-hop. Streetwear is the street's answer to elitist fashion. It is an attitude, a way of life, a popular and rebellious fashion worn by a youth in search of independence.

Clothes are loose to facilitate the movements of young graffiti artists, skaters, break-dancers... The colors are sober to stand out from the flashy world of the 80s. The essential pieces of this style are the baggy, the bob, the hoodie or the fanny pack. Long shunned by fashion, streetwear has won its letters of nobility thanks to a new generation of designers who themselves come from the street, such as Virgil Abloh or Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga. Despite their similarities, streetwear should not be confused with its cousin sportswear. Even if some clothes of sports origin are integrated in the streetwear trend, this style gives pride of place to comfortable clothes, made to move, with urban references inspired by street art, hip-hop, or surfing. Streetwear is by definition cool. It is therefore not surprising that it is also composed of women. Relaxed, it is in theory wearable by all. However it is a style advocating freedom and worn with a certain attitude. To adopt the streetwear look, it is better to have the attitude that goes with it to avoid looking ridiculous. And you can combine it with a subtle touch of workwear by composing a look with your navy sweater.


Streetwear branché avec Le Minor

You can pay homage to the New York origins of this trend by putting together a hip-hop oriented look. Our true green navy sweater will be the base of this silhouette. Choose a baggy jean and big white sneakers. Ideal for mid-season, this look can be upgraded in winter. As a coat, a thick overshirt worn unbuttoned will do the trick. You can complete this look by carrying a fanny pack over your shoulder. As we told you before, it's all about attitude, so you can sport a bob as the ultimate accessory.

You can also choose to layer clothes in a bold layering composition. Slip a loose tee over your wool sweater and add a sleeveless down jacket. For the bottom, choose boyfriend jeans or canvas joggers. And if you don't like bobs, a cap worn with the peak turned backwards will do the trick.


At Le Minor, we have a penchant for the Californian reference. Indeed, the surfing spirit and the rollers correspond more to our beloved Brittany. To get closer to the Californian spirit of the origins, you can wear our red sailor sweater. Pair it with short shorts or black cargo pants with pockets and white socks slipped into small black sneakers, such as Vans. As details are important, you can leave the collar of a Hawaiian shirt over the top. Temperatures are not the same in Brittany as in California, so you can cover yourself with a big woolen hoodie, or simply a plaid overshirt and a cap. Finally, a backpack will be perfect to slip your wetsuit.


In this score, it's all about playing with beautiful materials and more feminine pieces. Take inspiration from Demna Gvasalia's looks at Balenciaga.
Choose the ecru merino navy sweater. Wear it with a pair of raw denim jeans that are very wide and drag on the floor. For a slender silhouette, choose thin boots with high heels. Wear an oversized down jacket in red. And the trick is played.

You can also choose to associate your sweater with a satin or velvet jogging suit, worn with pointy toe pumps.

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