It's amazing what you can do with knitwear. Like a destructured blazer, for example. Or a jacket. One is a creation for the new collection, the other is an archive that we've revisited: discover our jackets for winter.

Our specialty is knitwear.

We have been knitting wool since 1922,
and these long years have refined our knitting art.

This winter,
we offer you "top" pieces,
that is to say knitwear
to wear over a sailor jacket,
or even a sweater.


In this collection of "knitted jackets for winter", you will find :

  • a Milano knit blazer, new this season;
  • a navy blue jacket, which you may already know;
  • an unbleached virgin wool cardigan, reworked from one of our archives.

These pieces were produced in (very) limited series. 14 units for the blazer, 38 for the jacket, and 32 for the cardigan.

We tell you more about each of these pieces below:


The blazer, we've been working on since 2018. We were very keen to offer a jacket that complements our knitwear range, to accompany you more in your life.

We wanted a comfortable fit, but with the codes of elegance of the suit jacket.

The Milano knit allows for this: it's a knit, so it's soft, but it offers a very nice drape because it the tight stitch structures it a lot.

vest en laine Le Minor : une technique de pointe

In addition, we wanted to bring "workwear" references, with these patch pockets that recall the coltin or the "blue" worker, and our origin of workshop dedicated to workwear.

Finally, we went back to the drawing board several times to come up with a collar that falls well, without rolling up too much (or not enough).

Every winter for the past 3 years, we have been putting the blazer back on the table, trying to come up with a version that achieves all these goals: comfort, elegance, finishing. In 2021, we even thought about releasing it in Spring. For 2 years and 3 seasons, we have given up on releasing a model that we felt was not yet ready.

This winter, we think we're ready. See for yourself and tell us what you think!

The milano blazer: somewhere between a suit jacket and a work jacket

(We made this in a very limited edition. There are only 14 pieces available).

veste laine hiver le minor

veste laine le minor 2

veste laine le minor 3


pull-over le minor

The cardigan is a reissue as is of one of our archives from the 70's.

We found this archive through our second hand program*. We then turned it over and over to see how we could improve it. And we finally realized that there was nothing more to do.

So we didn't revisit anything, and just reproduced it, in unbleached virgin wool.

The cardigan, for us, is a versatile sweater as we like them: timeless, and therefore transgenerational, it has this mixture of elegance and comfort - like the blazer milano - that we like to find in our collections. The cardigan is both the symbol of a certain ageless class, and the recessive sweater of Sunday evening. It's proof that it adapts to (almost) everything: do what you want with it.

An open sweater. Or unbleached.
To decide what you're going to do with it, check it out here:

Also note:

  1. it is priced at 210 €, in pre-order, until November 2nd. After that, it will go back to 230 €.
  2. We have only produced 32 pieces of this iconic piece.


veste en laine le minor

3rd and last "jacket" of the range that we present to you today: our navy blue knit jacket is now available for the first time on our website.

It has delighted generations of customers in our factory store in Guidel, and our traditional retailers. It is an absolute classic, dating back to our very "workwear" era, when our knits still carried the "MBL" label, named after our workshop, the "Manufacture de Bonneterie Lorientaise".

We like the volume of its English knit, its warmth, its high collar, its patch pockets. We like its workwear style and a little retro, which makes you want to trust it immediately.

And we also like the fact that the piping of the zip and the collar are remaillés. This is not necessarily visible at first glance, but it brings a great solidity and a perfect finish, and for us, at Le Minor, the stitching is a real symbol of transmission of know-how.

Innovation 2021. For the first time, our jacket has a double zip: it opens from the top OR from the bottom (or both), in order to better manage the opening of the sweater, depending on the ambient temperature, or to give you a bit of ease after a good lunch.

There are only 38 pieces edited for this winter (and it won't be reordered before Christmas):

veste en maine le minor made in france

le minor présente ca veste en laine

veste en laine pour l'hiver Le Minor

* We launched a second-hand program in November 2020.
It consists in recovering the old clothes produced by our workshop, from the brand Le Minor or "MBL" (our old knitwear brand, until the 70s).

The lucky owners of a piece of Le Minor or "MBL"
can drop it off in our store, in Guidel or in Paris, or ask for a colissimo voucher
to send it back to us free of charge.
In exchange, they receive a voucher for a new garment from our collection.
Just to start again for 40 years.

Depending on thecondition of the recovered item,
either we put it back into circulation in our second hand department after a simple cleaning,
or we repair it internally before cleaning it and putting it back on sale,
or, if it is too deteriorated,
we recycle it together with our production scraps.