Produced in our knitting workshops, this fleece is made entirely of merino wool and is unmatched in comfort. The creation of this knitted stitch is the result of nearly 100 years of knitting know-how in our Breton workshops.


In September 2021, we are introducing 2 pieces with a sportswear feel
that look like classics in the mixed wardrobe:
-the round neck sweatshirt;
- and the hoodie.
Each one is available in 3 colors:
navy blue, ecru,
and mottled grey (the historical color of this sportswear, isn't it?)
in a mixed cut.

But underneath its déjà-vu appearance, this knitwear actually hides an incredible comfort,
based on a history of knitting know-how,
which our workshops* have the secret.

*By the way, when we write "our workshops",
we mean "our own workshops",
because Le Minor is one - of the last? - integrated brands in France.
You probably already know this, but it's better to say it,

because this expression is now very widespread, and sometimes a bit overused...
At Le Minor, we make all of our clothes,
and we make each of our clothes completely:
from the thread to the finish).

1 . Sublimate the fleece with merino

To imitate and sublimate the traditional cotton fleece, Claire, in charge of pattern making and prototyping, and Vincent, sampler and knitting workshop manager at Le Minor, imagined a "float", i.e. a yarn that adds to the structure of the sweater, bringing both volume and softness.

Sublimer le molleton avec du mérinos

The knitting must be finely programmed so that this yarn plays its caressing role perfectly, without jeopardizing the solidity of the knit. The perfection of the float is finalized by a washing step, before the cutting, which comes to solidify it completely to the base of the knitting.

Each of these sweaters requires no less than 3 hours of knitting. That's a lot of knitting! In comparison, a navy sweater requires "only" 20 minutes of knitting. But when you love (beautiful and durable clothes) you don't count...

molleton le minor 1

molleton le minor 2

molleton le minor 3

2. 3 hours... but above all 99 years of history in knitting, to get to this:

pull molletonné

We can think that with these new models, we are far from our dry wool sweaters.

It is true that the infinite softness of this new range of sweaters and a little antinomic to the dry reputation of our sweaters.

But this sweater is in line with what we've been doing for almost 100 years: durable and desirable garments, which call upon the know-how of our teams, an expertise in knitwear transmitted generation after generation, within the walls of our workshop.

This range of fleece sweatshirts is a kind of achievement for us that we are proud to present to you.

Let's hear from the lucky ones who were able to preview these knits:

"I've been selling men's clothing for 10 years. I've never seen knits like this." Lucas B.

"The sweater is super soft and comfortable. Can't wait for Fall to really get going, so I can wear it every day." Louis G.

"The hoodie has the softness and comfort of a comforter (the hood is super fluffy)... but with a very stylish cut. A joy." Elizabeth R.