<< 6 manteaux tendance à associer avec son pull marin

6 trendy coats to match with your navy sweater

The navy sweater is an essential basic to adopt the French elegance.

Le pull marin est un basique incontournable

The coat is the piece that completes a feminine outfit.
Long, short, plain, printed... there is an infinity of them, with very different styles. The coat, in its functional form, has been used since antiquity. Created to keep warm, it was originally a piece of cloth worn like a cape and closed with clasps on the front. It was used throughout the ages as a social marker. The Roman citizen draped himself in a cloak that differentiated him from slaves.

The ranks of nobility in the Middle Ages were recognized by the details of their coats, by the size of the edge, the type of fur that lined them, the length of the train ... The coat has gone over time a garment of pomp and circumstance to an essential part of our dressings. Beyond a garment that keeps warm in winter, it has become a real fashion piece, which completes a look. It is therefore important to choose your coat according to the final look you want. For example, a waxed coat for a Breton look, a trench coat for a casual chic look, a perfecto for a rock look, a duffle coat or a kabig for a vintage style or a pea coat to be elegant



The raincoat is the sailor coat par excellence. It was created in 1964, in Concarneau, by Guy Cotten. After making the first PVC waterproof coat for fishermen, he designed this lighter and more resistant model for the many sailing clubs in Brittany. This waterproof jacket in coated nylon immediately became a must-have. It protects from the elements and its yellow color allows for immediate identification of men who have fallen overboard.

Guy Cotten and Le Minor met at the Élysée Palace in 2019, during the first "Made in France" exhibition. They then worked together to make masks at the very beginning of the Covid pandemic. The association between the yellow oilskin and the navy sweater is therefore self-evident, and even if it is a bit cliché, it reminds one of one's native or summer Brittany even when one is far away.

You can choose to wear our virgin wool sailor sweater or the iconic plain navy blue knit with this yellow windbreaker. Straight raw denim tucked into navy blue rubber boots will complete the look. You're ready to take on the weather and the elements.


The trench coat is a trendy and essential piece for mid-season. It was born in England in the 19th century. Mr. Macintosh created the first raincoat in 1820 by covering an overcoat with rubber. In 1856, Thomas Burberry improved the process by waterproofing the threads before the garment was even woven. This model of overcoat was quickly adopted by aristocrats for their outdoor life: fishing, hunting, as well as by the officers of the British army. Indeed, the high price of what was to become the trench coat, did not put it within reach of modest pockets. This waterproof coat took its name of trench coat in 14-18, during the trench war.


Back to civilian life, the officers who continue to wear it have democratized it. Civilians quickly took possession of this garment which brought a touch of charisma to these war heroes. It is in the cinema that the trench coat definitely earns its stripes of timelessness. Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, Audrey Hepburn in Diamonds on the couch are the most striking examples. The trench coat has never been conceived as a fashion garment, it has been able to cross the ages by adapting to all styles, to men as well as to women. Ideal for mid-season, it is regularly revisited in different colors, with cuts more or less long, curved or oversized. It is a basic as the sailor sweater. Combining these two pieces seems quite natural to us.

Compose a look with the ecru and green striped navy sweater. Choose a classic, long and beige trench coat and tie its belt in the back. Slip on a straight 7/8 jean or roll up your jeans on the ankles. For shoes, you can choose between black patent loafers with gold bits or low green Converse for a more casual style.


Chic and rebellious, it's possible with a perfecto.
This leather jacket is the embodiment of the rock 'n' roll spirit. Its history begins in 1928 with the Schott brothers, when a Harley-Davidson dealer asked them to create a resistant jacket to protect bikers from falls. That's how the motorcycle jacket was born. It takes its name from the cigars smoked by Irving Schott, its creator. The first perfectos were made of horse leather. The American army used this raw material to produce its aviator jackets.

After the war, there were many unused stocks and it is in this surplus, that the Schott brothers dipped. It is Clark Gable, motorcycle fan, who contributes to popularize this leather jacket. Then Marlon Brando as a free and rebellious biker in the movie Wild Ride contributes to the creation of the myth. It is thus, thanks to the cinema, that the perfecto becomes a symbol of freedom, quest for independence and emancipation. Popular for its resistance, the perfecto is not a warm jacket, which makes it a perfect garment for the mid-season.

The perfecto can also be worn by women. For a chic rebel look, you can play with the color of the navy sweater under a black perfecto. Choose our yellow wool sweater and wear it with skinny pants and thin heels for a sexy and rebellious look. For a more elegant proposal, you can wear the navy sweater with a long pleated skirt, Cuban heel boots and a brown perfecto. The play of leather/wool material is interesting.



Woolen coats are making a comeback.
This is the case of the kabig and the duffle-coat that we see again in the streets and on the catwalks.
The kabig is the Breton version of the duffle coat. It was born around 1845 in Finistère. This hooded coat is worn by the seaweed farmers to protect themselves from the wind and rain. Indeed, the very tight weaving of the wool sheet makes it waterproof. This extremely practical garment seduced boaters on vacation during the interwar period. Thanks to the development of paid vacations and the influx of vacationers in Brittany, the kabig became the coat for everyone, women, men and children. At Le Minor, we were the main kabig manufacturers since the 50's.

Put on a navy blue kabig, to be worn over our grey sweater. Pair it with straight corduroy pants in ochre and low brown leather lace-up boots. A leather satchel will complete the look.

Narrower and longer than its cousin the kabig, the duffle coat is also a coat from the maritime world.
In 1887, the first duffle coats appeared on the model of a Polish coat. Looser than today, they were intended to be worn over another coat. Interested by its warm and waterproof side, the Royal Navy began to equip its sailors. It is assumed that the particular buttonhole system was created so that the sailors could handle the zipper while wearing gloves. It is after the Second World War, when stocks of the British army are sold in the civilian that the duffle coat is democratized. It takes its current form, narrower because it is no longer worn over another coat. Warm and practical, it is worn by all and seduces parents who dress their children in it. It becomes the emblem of the wise children, immortalized by the little bear Paddington who wears a blue one.
Bring color to your outfit by choosing a long red duffle coat. It will be ideal with our ecru merino wool sailor sweater. To balance the silhouette, you can wear flare jeans with heeled boots. You can also choose slim pants worn with sneakers.


Opt for the peacoat for a successful elegant look.
Its origins are unclear, but the pea coat as we know it today has its origins in the jackets worn by midshipmen in the British Navy from the 19th century. Then adopted by most European and American navies, it is the coat of sailors par excellence. Renowned for its elegance, it fits perfectly into an elegant French look. Choose a classic navy blue pea coat with gold buttons to wear with our navy and ecru striped sweater, slim wash jeans and white Converse shoes. This outfit is casual chic. But to up the elegance level, you can replace the sneakers with brown leather riding boots. You will carry a stylish leather handbag as well.

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