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How to be elegant with a pea coat and a navy sweater

look caban et pull marin

The pea coat and the sailor sweater are two complementary models because of their maritime origins. The word "caban" comes from the Arabic qaba which was the tunic of the Bedouins. Adopted by the barbarian pirates, this woolen tunic travels along the sea routes and ends up being worn by European sailors from the 15th century. It was reworked into a coat by Royal Navy midshipmen in the early 19th century. It gained its current form of short coat whose wide collar allows sailors to protect themselves from the wind. It also has a practical detail that makes its difference. The double buttoning series allows the coat to be closed on the right or left side, depending on the wind direction.

In 1853, thanks to Napoleon III, the French adopted this piece which became the emblem of the Imperial Navy. The US Navy adopted the pea coat in 1881.

le pull marin et le caban

Like many clothes from the nautical world before him, it is the cinema that makes the fortune of the coat and propels it into popular culture.
Emblematic of the sailor as Jean Gabin in Quai des Brumes (1938) or Corto Maltese in 1967, the pea jacket abandons the sailors and is associated with a virile universe: From Robert Redford as a CIA agent in The Three Days of the Condor (1975) to James Bond in Casino Royale (2006) and Skyfall (2012) through the two Mac Manus brothers in the iconic and underrated The Boondock Saints (1999) and Brad Pitt as a Nazi hunting lieutenant in Inglorious Bastards (2009).

It was Yves Saint Laurent who feminized the pea jacket by proposing it in his first silhouette during his first fashion show on January 29, 1962. From then on, the coat became a basic part of the women's wardrobe. Classic and elegant, it combines with navy knitwear for a monochrome look, a colorful silhouette, a French style and a sexy look.

6 trendy coats to match with your navy sweater!

Elegant with a monochrome look

It's time to bring nautical elegance to blue. Dress in our navy blue sweater and cover up with an authentic pea coat in the same color. You can choose a model with gold buttons to bring depth to your outfit. Downstairs, slip on a pair of raw flare jeans, worn with Klein blue pumps. You can accessorize this silhouette with a sky blue clutch with chain shoulder strap or a midnight blue mottled tweed bag from Chanel 2.55.

Elegant with a colorful look

look coloré avec un caban

The peacoat comes in different colors, winter after winter. Choose a red pea coat and pair it with our green merino sweater. Slip on a pair of slightly faded jeans that you roll up to reveal your ankles. Wear with white tennis shoes and a chain bag to wear on the shoulder for the height of elegance or as a shoulder bag to accentuate the casual touch brought by the shoes.

Coat and navy sweater in a French style

The navy and ecru striped navy sweater is the must-have sweater to build a French look. Pair it with a navy or red pea coat. For the bottom, we let you choose between black slim or raw slim jeans to wear tucked into brown leather riding boots. You can add a sailor cap or a gavroche. As a bag, a brown leather tote bag will also be the ideal accessory. You are ready for a perfect day.

Caban and sailor sweater sexy version

Two options are available to you. A very sexy version and a much softer option.

Sexy as hell

Look sexy avec un caban

A camel peacoat slipped over our ecru sweater is the basis for this decidedly sexy look. Pair it with a pair of grey slim-fit pants. The most daring will choose a fringed navy blue mini skirt. In both cases, you will wear a pair of brown suede thigh-high boots.

A feminine look

The second option would be to choose our light grey sweater and a black pea coat. Downstairs, choose a pair of straight pants ⅞ in black or rust leather worn over a pair of high-heeled, pointy-toe, python print boots in warm brown tones.

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