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The sailor sweater for women: the French elegance

If we are to believe the numerous Anglo-Saxon books on the subject, Parisian women are the queens of elegance. As we know that style is not only confined to Paris, and that you can find elegant women in Saint Julien Molin Mollette, we are not going to talk here about the arbitrarily named Parisian chic but about the French elegance.

Le pull marin pour femme, l'élégance à la française

What is it about? It is a way of approaching fashion without following it. It is said that the French are effortless chic, chic without making any effort. Contrary to the ultra-primed New Yorker or to the garish outfits of the English, the Frenchwoman would be a kind of guardian of good taste. But what is tasteful in one place can be vulgar in another, so we prefer another solution. French women have allure. It is the allure that French women have that gives them that aura. The way they dress casually and nonchalantly, yet are terribly confident.

Decades of French icons have proven this to us. From Françoise Hardy to Inès de la Fressange, from Loulou de la Falaise to Caroline de Maigret, from Jacqueline de Ribes to Garance Doré, these women all have in common that they have a presence, a personality despite the simplicity of their outfits. They have dog and this little je ne sais quoi intangible that makes them unforgettable.
The recipe seems simple: classic clothes, beautiful cuts, beautiful materials, a strong piece and accessories that make a statement. The good news is that this elegance is within the reach of anyone willing to try. You don't have to be born French to embody this chic. Jane Birkin or Amanda Sanchez are living examples.

By the way, does this association of chic and casual make you think of nothing? Casual chic of course! The French elegance would be a kind of casual chic with an extra soul. The authentic sailor sweater, this timeless and well-cut piece embodies this French elegance.

The total Frenchy look

Un look frenchy avec un pull marin

Just like the marinière, the navy blue and ecru striped knit is the symbol of the French. Wear it with straight selvedge jeans with a cuff and a pair of flat or heeled loafers or red or black ballet flats in any case. Add a beige mid-length trench coat. If you're not afraid of doing too much, you can accessorize your outfit with a black or red beret and wear a leather tote bag on your shoulder.

French Casual Chic

Slip on our red 100% virgin wool sweater and pair it with a pair of faded denim cropped pants with a frayed hem. For mid-season, slip on two-tone sandals with small heels like Chanel's Slingback. In winter, wear faux python heeled boots or black studded boots like the Susanna Boots by Chloé. A long navy blue blazer with gold buttons will be ideal in spring or fall, while a midnight blue coat with a fur collar will accompany you on cold days. You can also wear a beret, a sailor's cap or a gavroche.

The Frenchy style

le pull marin : féminin et français

French elegance is also the mix and match of couture and high fashion, and the art of assuming an unlikely piece. Choose our ecru merino wool sailor sweater. Put on a pair of boyfriend jeans that are a little worn. Cover up with an oversized patchwork jacket or a straight, mid-length leopard print coat. On your feet, you will wear black sock boots with high heels and pointed toes.

Feminine and Frenchy

Here we choose the traditional navy blue knit to build this look. Add a white denim skirt and pair it with smooth brown leather heeled boots or flat moccasins with tassels. Slip on a mini wool cape or a red pea coat. A brown leather bucket bag and a sailor cap will be the right accessories to illustrate this outfit.

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