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How to integrate the navy sweater in a feminine look

The navy sweater is a basic of the female wardrobe. Discover how to integrate it into a feminine look by wearing it with a skirt, dress, jeans, shirt, jacket or coat.

un look féminin en pull marin

The navy sweater is a basic that can be worn as easily when you are a man as a woman. It is no longer confined to the manly and difficult world of fishing. Democratized by designers, adopted by the street, it is now an essential garment of our wardrobes. Women have seized this piece of male origin. Moreover, even if its first models were male, Le Minor also knits sweaters for women. Most of our sweaters are for everyone and are unisex.
Season after season, designers play with the navy sweater and change it according to their desires by working with plain or printed fabrics and styles. However, the authentic historic sailor sweater has not changed since the 19th century and we have been making it since 1922. Despite its rustic appearance, it is very well suited to women and everyday life. Like all good basics, it has become a must-have and adapts to all styles. To wear this strong feminine piece, you can associate it with a skirt, a dress, jeans, a shirt, a jacket or a coat.


There are endless ways to incorporate the navy sweater into a feminine look. If it is originally worn with pants, the easiest way to feminize this basic is to wear it with a dress or skirt.

Pair your navy sweater with a dress

Slipping a wool sweater over your summer dresses is an easy way to keep wearing them in the spring or fall. But to stay modern, here are two look ideas to adopt.

For a mid-season outfit, choose a pretty summer shirt dress, in white cotton or blue chambray. Slip it under our navy blue sailor sweater. To keep your legs warm, choose a pair of dark ribbed tights and slip on a pair of red suede sock boots.

You can also offset the navy sweater by choosing a more daring and resolutely trendy outfit. Put on your sweater like a second skin and wear a satin babydoll dress over it. To finalize this very assertive look that revisits the 90s, choose a pair of pointed boots and heels.

combiner le pull marin avec une jupe

Wear the navy sweater with a skirt
The simplicity of the navy sweater allows for the most elaborate looks. If color-blocking doesn't scare you, our contrast sleeve sweater is a great base for pairing the navy sweater with a skirt. Wear it with a straight, red leather miniskirt. Complete the look with heeled loafers and a fir green bucket bag slung over your shoulder. It's the assurance of a retro chic look.

You can also opt for a more sober look by choosing to combine the real navy blue navy sweater with a gray flannel midi skirt and white sneakers. The simplicity of this look will be counterbalanced by the assurance of wearing an exceptional piece, with an impeccable cut and impeccable quality.


Slipping a shirt under a sweater seems to be a classic approach. However, the sweater/shirt duo can be renewed. It is a matter of playing with materials and colors to bring a new breath and a touch of modernity.

To bring a touch of femininity to the navy sweater, you can choose to wear it with a shirt with a claudine collar, or a shirt with a collar worked (embroidered, with a croquet, lace ...). You can also wear a classic French collar shirt that you have customized yourself. A nice velvet ribbon tied under the collar of the shirt or collar jewels (brooches, clips, pins...) do the trick very well.

You can also let the cuffs of your shirt protrude without closing the buttonhole or by playing on the bottom of the sleeves as worked as the collar.

It is also possible to escape this "first degree" femininity and to assert yourself with a leather shirt. Let the collar protrude over the sweater. Roll up the bottom sleeves of your navy sweater to reveal the sleeves of the shirt. A pair of slim or straight jeans with a pair of heeled boots will complete this look.


When two great fashion classics meet, it's a successful outfit every time. The jeans are the ally of the navy sweater in everyday life. You can play with these two basics to create looks as trendy as they are feminine.

The slim
The slim jeans share with the navy sweater an androgynous character. These very sharp pants bring a note of impertinence to the sweater, whether worn with a perfecto, a pea coat or a blazer.
To feminize this unisex look, you can accessorize your outfit with some statement jewelry or wear a pair of stilettos or heeled boots.

The flare
The flare jean is a pair of bell-bottom pants. Despite its vintage look, it can bring a real touch of modernity. They are a perfect match for the navy sweater because their loose shape balances the tightness of the navy sweater.
Slip on our red navy sweater with raw flare jeans and python print heels. You can accentuate the 70s look by adding a floppy hat and a scarf. You can also modernize this look by wearing a bomber and a fanny pack worn over the shoulder.


Having a Le Minor navy sweater in your wardrobe is perfect, but what jacket to pair it with? Whether for a formal reason or to protect yourself from the cold, there are as many styles as there are jackets, but let's look at the trendy jackets in 2021: the blazer, the overshirt and the iconic denim jacket.

The blazer to feminize the navy sweater
The blazer goes well with the navy sweater because like it, it has a maritime origin. The straight blazer comes from the jackets of the gentlemen of the English rowing clubs of the 19th century. Its brother, the double-breasted blazer has a military origin and dressed the sailors of the Royal Navy from the Victorian era.
The blazer brings a touch of chic to your outfit, you can choose a sober and casual set: a blazer and black pants, our grey woolen sailor sweater accessorized with a red scarf and a pair of black lace-up boots. If you prefer the timelessness of the traditional navy blue blazer, we recommend pairing it with our ecru navy sweater, raw or washed boyfriend jeans and red derbies.

Wear a navy sweater with an overshirt
You probably haven't escaped the overshirt that has been everywhere these last two seasons. A hybrid piece, neither quite a shirt nor quite a jacket, it is ideal for mid-season when you don't know if it's warm or cold.
Despite its deeply casual look, it is possible to bring a bit of chic to an outfit with an overshirt. Play with complementary colors to work your look.

The navy blue navy sweater, a flowing midi skirt and navy as well are the foundation of the outfit. Slip on an orange plaid overshirt and belt it with a big black leather belt. Put on white Dr. Martens type ankle boots and you're ready to hit the pavement.

Mix the navy sweater with a denim jacket
The denim jacket is also a wardrobe staple. To associate it with a navy sweater, we recommend an oversized model to balance the silhouette. Indeed, the marine knit is close to the body. Our ecru navy sweater will bring light to the look we are about to propose. Adopt a raw denim jacket and wear slightly washed denim shorts. The total denim look is always a little daring but at the same time furiously trendy.


The coat is not only a practical garment worn to be warm. It has become a style asset and is a strong piece, essential to finalize a winter and feminine look. There are as many coats as there are styles and we have listed 6 different coats with which to wear a navy sweater.

pull marin et trench coat

Associate the trench coat with the navy sweater
Whether it is long, short, neutral or colored, the trench coat remains an essential piece for men and women alike. You'll have no trouble feminizing this garment that originated in the military wardrobe and was popularized after World War I. Choose our navy blue navy sweater, straight leather pants, rust color, rolled on a pair of heeled boots. Slip a white blouse with a high ruffled collar underneath the sweater, slip on a long trench coat and cinch it with a wide leather belt. A small bucket bag will complete this feminine and stylish look.

Wear the sailor sweater with an oilskin
The oilskin and the sailor sweater. A whole program. The Breton look, even if it is a bit cliché, is popular with Parisian women on vacation in Carnac. But you can adopt this look, a tribute to the Breton lifestyle but also useful in cold and drizzly weather (and therefore also ideal for weekends in Sologne, Flanders, Landes, Corrèze ...). Be cliché! Put on the real navy sweater or the striped navy and ecru sweater, jeans, sneakers and your best yellow raincoat and go out for a walk.

The navy sweater worn with a perfecto
If you are more "Rebel without a cause" than "Mussel fisherman", the perfecto is the ideal jacket for you. Glamorous and rock, this iconic leather jacket has been dressing the biggest stars since the 50s. Pair a black leather perfecto with our red navy sweater. Slip on a black slim-fit for a Kate Moss feel. Complete the look with high heeled boots or flat thigh-high boots. Beautiful and rebellious!

The navy sweater and a pea coat
It is obvious to associate the navy sweater and the pea coat because the latter also has a nautical origin. It was used by midshipmen in the Royal Navy in the 19th century. The pea coat is an elegant piece, it will allow you to compose a preppy look.
Opt for the simplicity of a navy coat worn with our ecru sweater, jeans, heeled boots and a sailor cap.

Wear your navy sweater with a duffle coat or a kabig
The kabig is the Breton version of the duffle coat. These two sailor coats are made of woolen cloth. Classic, the challenge is to modernize them to remain trendy, even associated with a sailor sweater.

Our green striped sweater will be the base of this look. Wear a navy blue or bottle green kabig or duffle coat. Choose a leather slim fit and wear elegant white and green sneakers. It's the assurance to wear these pieces while avoiding the first class look.

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