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Total Look : The sailor sweater with a dress... or a skirt

Modern, sexy or rock, discover how we combine the navy sweater with a dress or skirt.

total look pull marin et jupe

Nothing is more feminine than wearing a dress or skirt. Skirts and tunics were worn by men and women throughout history. But nowadays, despite some cultural exceptions like the kilt in Scotland, or the djellabas in the Arab countries, the skirt and the dress are classics of the wardrobes for women. These two clothes have evolved and accompanied the history of women's emancipation. Each season sees a new variation of these two models. There are as many dresses and skirts as styles. So how to associate the navy sweater with these clothes?
We're going to favor a modern, statement look to pair the sweater with a dress and a casual chic look. And we will opt for a sexy then rock & roll proposal for an outfit associating the navy sweater with a skirt.


Moderne avec une robe et un pull marin

Modern with a dress and a navy sweater
In turn tunic, ceremonial garment, or religious, the dress has long been a mixed garment. It is since the 16th century that it has become, in Europe at least, an exclusively female garment. The history of the dress is confused with the emancipation of women. More often used for decorative purposes than practical, the dress has very often been constraining, weighed down by baskets, or hindered by corsets ... It is after the First World War, it began to become a garment easier to wear. Shortened first by Jeanne Lanvin, it became a more pleasant garment with the use of jersey by Gabrielle Chanel in the 20s. Long, short, full, tight, black, colored, plain, printed ... All styles of dress are in nature.

In 2021, the trend is the grunge revival of the 1990s. It is this trend that we will observe to create a modern look with a dress and a navy sweater. Choose a black satin mid-length dress with thin straps. Slip it over our ecru merino wool sweater. Add white sneakers and finish this look with a streetwear touch, with a bob on the head.

Casual chic with a dress
Combining elegance and casualness is an easy option to combine the navy sweater with a dress. Being stylish and comfortable is now possible with the casual chic style. It's a style that's easy to grasp even when you're not fashion conscious. Depending on the pieces or accessories you choose, you can go more for the chic side or more for the casual side. Choose a mid-length shirt dress with thin vertical stripes and one of our horizontal striped sweaters. A chambray shirtdress will also look great with one of our striped or solid sweaters. Slip your sweater over the dress, leaving the collar showing. On your feet, wear flat, fringed, brown suede boots and carry a shoulder bag. In winter, you can wear a short duffle coat for the chic side or a military parka for the casual side.


Sexy avec une minijupe et un pull marin

Sexy with a miniskirt and a navy sweater
The miniskirt was born in the 1960s, first with the English Mary Quant. She creates a short skirt, straight, thought to run after the bus. Very quickly adopted by the street, it becomes the emblem of the years yéyé. But very quickly, the French couturier André Courrèges followed her lead and created his own version. His miniskirt is trapeze and much more couture than his little English sister. Never had the legs of women been so exposed. This little piece of fabric is a scandal and becomes a symbol of female emancipation. It is thus quite naturally that we decided to choose it to compose a sexy look with a navy sweater. Choose our gray sweater and combine it with a navy blue miniskirt. You can play on the play of materials, choosing a skirt in denim, velvet milleraies or canvas. If the weather is cold, you can put on a navy blue pea jacket to calm the game. Indeed, to complete the look we suggest you slip into suede waders. It's up to you whether you prefer them flat or with heels.

An equally sexy version would be to wear our navy blue sweater with a burgundy leather skirt, small heeled shoes and an accumulation of bracelets on one wrist. And in this proposal, you can put on a beige trench coat.

Rock & roll with a navy sweater and a skirt
To be rock & roll and embody this spirit of freedom and subversion, nothing better than wearing jeans or leather. Slip on the charcoal wool sailor sweater over a short leather skirt. Put on thick wool socks and overlay them with a pair of cowboy boots. Cover your shoulders with a faded, oversized denim jacket. It is also quite possible to choose a mid-length pleated skirt and wear it with an oversized perfecto over the sweater. On the feet, creepers are a great choice. Nothing can resist you!

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