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    Le Minor: former supplier to the French Navy

    "Le Minor", under the name "MBL" has been a supplier to the French Navy for more than 50 years. A stamp that the brand proudly displays, as an additional guarantee of its quality.
    The contracts ended in 2010, but Le Minor continues to make the kit for the sailor and the officer of "La Royale".

    This kit is closely linked to the history of the Morbihan hosiery, and embodies the values defended by the brand: a sense of commitment - to know-how, and to responsible fashion - and quality - robustness of knitting and finishing, which ensure the durability of a garment.
    This package includes robust and virile knits, which have long been part of trendy wardrobes, with countless military references.

    This collection takes the liberty of borrowing a fabric that is not made by Le Minor - for once, a regulation Rachel knit, to respect the historical specifications. It also allows itself variations in color: a revisited officer's sweater repeats the quality imperatives, while adopting a touch of poetry.
    A multi-handed military fantasy, registered in Brittany, that reminds us who Le Minor is, and what his mission is.